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Dialpad Communications Announces Enterprise Access - A Reliable, High Quality Voip Solution

Dialpad to provide enterprise customers with significant cost-savings on their telecommunications services through convergence of voice and data traffic.
Oct 16, 2001

FALL VON, ATLANTA, GA, October 16, 2001 - Dialpad Communications, the leader in IP telephony solutions, today announced a significant expansion into the enterprise market with Enterprise Access. Using the patent-pending technology that has made the company a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) market leader, Dialpad Communications has debuted a high-quality, reliable, easy to implement solution for enterprises that allows the convergence of voice, fax, video and data on to one IP network. Companies that use Enterprise Access can double the capacity of their voice access facilities, saving from 30% to 60% off their traditional long distance, lata, inter-lata and international calling.

"With Enterprise Access we provide both high quality calls and significant cost-savings, leveraging a company's existing IP infrastructure," said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Dialpad Communications. "It also gives enterprises of all sizes a compelling alternative to using traditional long-distance carriers."

Dialpad's Enterprise Access solution works with a company's existing telecommunications equipment, resulting in a low cost of implementation. The minimum requirements are a PBX, a Cisco router with voice module, and a T1 or higher connection to an IP Backbone. The vast majority of customers will need only a small amount of additional hardware, resulting in minimal incremental initial costs that can be recovered in just a few months.

With Enterprise Access, a direct access T-1 or higher is used for connectivity to an IP backbone provider, such as Genuity. In addition, the VEGA server -- Dialpad's patent-pending technology -- prioritizes voice packets through the direct link from the PBX and onto the IP Network, delivering voice and fax service.

Planetary Networks, a Silver Certified Cisco Systems Direct VAR (Value Added Reseller) has integrated Enterprise Access into their corporate office - generating some significant savings.

"Dialpad's Enterprise Access service is great," said Ken McKinnon, CEO of Planetary Networks. "In addition to maintaining voice quality, we have been able to lower our phone bill over 40%, eliminate half our T1 lines, and now are looking to disconnect some of our fax lines - since all of our data can travel over one IP line using the Enterprise Access solution."

Dialpad is working with Cisco Systems to create a high quality, low cost VoIP solution. Cisco provides the VoIP platforms to carriers, who benefit from increased traffic, and to enterprises, who benefit from increased cost- savings.

"Our relationship with Dialpad began two years ago when they launched their innovative PC to phone VoIP technology," said Alistair Woodman, director of marketing, voice technology center at Cisco. "Now, we are working with them to enable enterprise customers with voice-enabled Cisco routers to use that same disruptive technology to carry traffic off of traditional telephone networks to a variety of Cisco-powered VoIP carriers. This results in significant cost savings for our corporate customers."

Key Dialpad Enterprise features include:

  • Convergence - Consolidation of voice and data traffic leveraging IP infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Easy to Use - Integrates with most existing analog or digital phone systems.
  • Superb Voice Quality - Every voice packet is prioritized through the networks, for superior handling and quality.
  • Helpful Support - The Enterprise Access' customer support team works with authorized resellers and end customers to provide product support, documentation, training, and technical support.
  • Low Cost - Businesses can save between 30% and 60% on their total communications costs. These customer savings come primarily from a consolidation of communications infrastructure, lower cost per minute for lata and inter-lata calls, domestic and international calling, and possibly a reduction in wide are network expenses.

Calculate your potential for Cost Savings

Dialpad Enterprise Access customers can actually calculate their potential cost savings by visiting: By plugging in current telecommunications long distance charges, equipment and IP connectivity charges, estimated cost benefits can easily be calculated.


Dialpad Enterprise Access is currently available and is being sold through Cisco-certified Value Added Resellers (VARs). For more information, go to: or call 1-877-226-2679

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Dialpad Communications, Inc. is the leading global provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for carriers, businesses and consumers, with more than 14 million registered customers. Leveraging its patent-pending Vega technology, Dialpad enables any PBX or IP addressable device for VoIP calling. Dialpad licenses its platform VoIP technology to a number of partners to bring high quality, reliable and low-cost VoIP dial tone directly to the phones that businesses and consumers use today. Current partners include leading technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Genuity, and Level 3. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA and can be reached at 408/588-4688 or at

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