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VoiceAge Provides Voice Compression Technology to

G.729 (A) codec available to the global VoIP development community
Sep 18, 2001

Montrial, Canada, Tuesday September 18, 2001 - The open source movement got another boost today as VoiceAge announced that a freely available developers' version of their G.729 (A) codec software is available at, the open source communications web site sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. By providing their G.729 (A) high quality, low complexity, voice compression software implementation to, VoiceAge Corporation of Montreal is contributing to the efforts of the open source developers' community focused on developing Voice over IP (VoIP) applications where quality, delay and bandwidth are important. This 'G.729 (A) Initiative' is provided with G.729 IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Indemnification; developers using this code are responsible for appropriate fees for distribution and/or commercialization.

G.729(A) is quickly becoming an accepted standard for voice compression. Being only an 8 kbps codec, it offers opportunities for significant increases in bandwidth utilization to existing telephony and wireless applications and codec offers functionality such as toll quality, low complexity (MIPS, RAM, ROM) and low delay (10ms). VoiceAge's decision to offer a developers version of its G.729(A) codec will hasten adoption of the standard within the communications industry.

According to Laurent Amar, Vice President Strategic Planning and Business Alliances at VoiceAge, "Contributing part of our technological portfolio to became the only logical choice when considering our dissemination objectives for a targeted, globally centric VoIP development community. We're excited to contribute our advanced voice compression technology to facilitate development of new and innovative communications features, services and applications."

"The goal of is to promote the development and adoption of communications products, features and services on Internet Protocol (IP) centric networks. We feel that the 'G.729 (A) Initiative' will enable our development community to take advantage of a powerful, stable and widely deployed codec in their testing and development efforts. We see this contribution as a win-win situation for vendors, service providers and developers," said Alan Knitowski, Director of Marketing, Cisco Systems and Co-Founder of

About VoiceAge

VoiceAge, develops narrow and wideband, low bit rate voice compression solutions applied to wireless 2G, 2.5G, 3G and Voice over the Internet industry. Designed around the renowned ACELP. technology, VoiceAge's products ensure unsurpassed audio quality in both standard and proprietary based platforms experienced daily by tens of millions of users worldwide.

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