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Cisco Systems Building Information Highway for Malaysia with Next- Generation Internet Routers

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- 30 August 2001 -- IP routing is
Aug 30, 2001

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- 30 August 2001 -- IP routing is the foundation of the Internet and arguably one of the most important technologies of the past 20 years. Without it, daily activities taken for granted, such as email and e-commerce, would not exist. At a media briefing today, Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, outlined the importance of IP routing to the future development of the Internet.

"Innovation in IP routing technology is one of Cisco's strongest commitments. Cisco has driven most major innovations in IP routing from multiprotocol label switching to dynamic packet transport to packet express forwarding," said Ho Kah Kin, Senior Manager, Systems Engineering for Service Provider market, Malaysia.

"As far as IP routing has come in the last decade, it's just the tip of the iceberg – the growth of broadband, for example, will lead to a new explosion of Internet traffic and drive the demand for faster, more sophisticated IP routing technologies. In addition, new applications such as E-learning and Voice over IP as well as the growing use of wireless Internet devices indicate that Internet adoption and usage is at its earliest stages," he added.

According to reports by market research firm International Data Corp., 75 per cent of all Internet traffic travels over Cisco equipment while the company has more than 80 per cent market share in the high-end router market in Asia Pacific.

In Malaysia, Cisco is working with the country's leading service providers to build the nationwide information highway. MIMOS Bhd, for example, uses Cisco's 12000 Internet Routers to form the core of Super JARING. Maxis Communications Bhd also recently invested in a high-speed core IP network from Cisco Systems as a foundation to deliver next-generation wireless services.

Cisco's next generation Internet routers are a family of multimillion packets-per-second (pps) IP platforms for creating service-enabled Internets, providing the industry's most highly scalable and operationally efficient Internet routers. The products deliver the highest availability and the greatest level of service for increasing service provider profitability.

As part of Cisco's IP+Optical portfolio, this family of next generation Internet routers is optimized for entry level, metro, broadband, WAN edge and backbone configurations. The family consists of the Cisco 7400, 7600, 10000 and 12000 Internet Routers, scaling performance from one million pps to 400 million pps with interface speeds scaling to 10 Gbps.

In performance tests conducted by Miercom, a leader in voice over IP lab testing, the Cisco 12410 Internet Router, with its industry leading quality of service (QoS) functionality, demonstrated unmatched performance in all of the critical functions required for real-time IP applications.

The Miercom tests showed that the high-priority, low-latency queuing functionality and priority-based congestion control capabilities on the Cisco 12410 Internet Router makes it the ideal choice for networks supporting real-time IP services, since it delivered very low latency and jitter with no voice packet loss and no re-ordered packets.

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