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Infoserve Launches Industry-leading isMPLS Service Based on Cisco MPLS VPN Technology

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- 12 June 2001 -- Infoserve, Taiwan's
Jun 12, 2001

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- 12 June 2001 -- Infoserve, Taiwan's leading Internet Service Provider, has recently launched the industry leading isMPLS VPN Service based on Cisco Systems' MPLS VPN solution.

MPLS, or Multiple Protocol Label Switching, is an innovative method for forwarding packets through a network that is based on the assignment of labels of such information as destination, precedence and VPN membership to packets. As a result, forwarding decisions are based on more than just the destination address but also the different sources of information, enabling efficient transmission of data and less bandwidth consumption. Through the deployment of MPLS, service providers can support many different IP VPNs, each appears to its users to be a private network, thus offering customers secured IP VPN service that are highly scalable and very easy to manage.

"We are pleased to launch the new isMPLS solution with Infoserve which has been certified as a Cisco Powered Network," said Mr. Larry Sun, Country Manager of Cisco Systems Taiwan. "Cisco has been aggressively promoting the Cisco Powered Network (CPN) program since it was launched in 1997 in order to help businesses quickly identify quality service providers in the industry. CPN certified service providers can get a firsthand look at Cisco's latest technology and are entitled to superior network and technology support from Cisco. Infoserve is certified under our CPN program because of its superior network performance and quality network service."

Mr. Phil Tsai, President and CEO of Infoserve, said, "The goal of Infoserve is to help businesses re-engineer their organizations in order to compete effectively in the new economy. To fulfill our goal, Infoserve has deployed the MPLS VPN technology from Cisco Systems to offer competitive and value-added services to our customers. Until now, Infoserve has completed implementation of isMPLS VPN service in 15 service areas in Taiwan and some of our customers have already started to deploy this service."

"Infoserve also launched isMPLS VPN service in Hong Kong last month to meet the increasing communications need of our customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Going forward, we will extend this solution to other overseas markets, including Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and the United States in order to better serve our international enterprise customers."

Infoserve isMPLS VPN solution is leading the industry in Taiwan and its well-established MPLS service architecture provides customers with such services as general data transmission, ERP service, data storage and broadband access with high quality streaming video service.

Cisco equipment deployed in supporting Infoserve isMPLS include the Catalyst 7513, 7507, 7206, 3660 router, Cisco 6400 ADSL aggregation concentrator and Cisco AS5300 remote access server.

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