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Cisco Systems Participates in OIF Interoperability Demo at SUPERCOMM

Cisco Systems Participates in OIF Interoperability Demo at SUPERCOMM
Jun 01, 2001

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 2001 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, will demonstrate successful interoperability within the Optical Internetworking Forum's (OIF) User Network Interface (UNI) demonstration at SUPERCOMM. Cisco was the first vendor to demonstrate OIF UNI functionality at the Optical Fiber Communication conference in March 2001, utilizing its sophisticated standards-based Unified Control Plane (UCP) for seamless IP+Optical networking. Cisco is extending this technical leadership at SUPERCOMM, demonstrating full UNI interoperability with over 25 other vendors. Cisco's contributions to OIF's multi-vendor, multi-technology demonstration include the industry-leading ONS 15454 Metro Optical Transport platform and Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers as well as the Cisco Unified Control Plane.

"The OIF UNI demo is an excellent example of Cisco's IP+Optical leadership. Cisco's IP+Optical strategy is a unique, evolutionary standards-based approach that enables IP intelligence as the unifying force in the next generation of high-bandwidth, high-value service delivery. Enabled by our Unified Control Plane, Cisco has the only solution that delivers benefits today with a compelling path to the future. Of the major routing vendors, Cisco is the only company to demonstrate UNI interoperability. In addition, Cisco is the only vendor to demonstrate UNI interoperability on both a router and an optical transport platform," explains Robert Redford, Vice President of Marketing, Public Carrier IP Group, Cisco Systems.

WHO: Cisco Systems and OIF Participants

WHAT: OIF User Network Interface Demonstration

WHEN: June 5-7

WHERE: SUPERCOMM 2001, booth #150D in the Georgia Dome

OIF's Interoperability Demo

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) is sponsoring its first User Network Interface (UNI) Interoperability Demonstration at SUPERCOMM in booth #150D in the Georgia Dome. This demonstration highlights OIF's UNI Protocol that allows client devices to dynamically establish and tear down optical circuit connections. The achievement of UNI interoperability is the first step toward allowing carriers to offer advanced optical network services across multi-vendor, multi-technology networks. OIF is a rapidly growing non-profit organization with 350+ member companies to date, including many of the world's leading carriers, component and system vendors. The purpose of the OIF is to accelerate the deployment of interoperable, cost effective, and robust optical internetworks and their associated technologies. More information on the OIF and the interoperability demo can be found at