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Cisco Systems Announces "Cisco Internet Mobile Office" Initiative in Asia Pacific

Alliances and Enabling Technologies Key to Providing Business Professionals with Secure Access to the Internet and their Corporate Network - Anytime, Anywhere
Mar 28, 2001

SINGAPORE -- 28 March 2001 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced the Cisco Internet Mobile Office initiative in the Asia Pacific, an Ecosystem of technology, application and service providers and systems integrators to offer a complete end-to-end solution, which will provide mobile business professionals with secure, high-speed network access to the Internet and their corporate resources anytime, anywhere, effectively extending the enterprise beyond the office and enhancing it with mobility. Cisco Internet Mobile Office ties into the Cisco vision of providing easy, reliable, and secure access to the Internet - on the move, at home, or at work.

By providing mobile business professionals with convenient, easy access to their corporate network from locations including airports and airline lounges, convention centers, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues, enterprises will realize increased productivity for their employees and controlled costs when employees access the corporate network while on the move.

"Globalization and the Internet Economy are driving corporations to change their business models. In a competitive landscape where the fast and the agile thrive, empowering employees with access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere is a powerful advantage," said Fredy Cheung, Director of Commercial Line of Business for Cisco Systems in Asia Pacific.

"Market research reports on the rise in the growth of mobile Internet users and portable computing devices is an indication that many corporations realize the competitive benefits of extending the enterprise beyond the traditional confines, what is lacking is the ability to provide the access anytime, anywhere. This is where Cisco Internet Mobile Office comes in," he added.

Key to Cisco Internet Mobile Office are wired and wireless products and technologies from Cisco including an end-to-end security solution based on the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, which supports secure remote-access computing. In addition, Cisco is creating an Ecosystem that delivers seamless connectivity between mobile professionals and their enterprise networks. These will lead to the creation of "hot spot" public-access locations where business professionals can access their networks through secure broadband Internet access while traveling.

Cisco Powered Network Service Providers who provide mobile access services share Cisco's vision for deploying wired and wireless network infrastructure in the largest public access spaces throughout Singapore and Asia Pacific, to meet the high level of security, broadband, and ease of connection demands of mobile business professionals. An example of such a CPN certified Service Provider in Singapore is StarHub Internet.

Technology alliances with companies such as iPass are a critical element of the mobile broadband solution, offering subscriber gateway and roaming technologies. Cisco and iPass are creating the industry's first Global Broadband Roaming Service to enable a virtual global footprint for simplified, high-speed and secure access to corporate networks. Global Broadband Roaming will provide a single user interface through the iPassConnect and Cisco Secure VPN client software for users roaming across many broadband networks, while allowing companies to source their multi-network remote access from a single, global service provider.

And through alliances with broadband service providers such as Davnet and solutions integrators such as Bluengine, the Cisco Internet Mobile Office initiative will be extended to even more public access facilities. Davnet will deliver the Cisco Internet Mobile Office through their comprehensive range of services to the premises of business clients over a single network socket. Bluengine is creating an island-wide high-speed, connected environment in all A&W fast-food restaurant locations, cybercafes, gaming centers, coffee outlets and other public locations using Cisco's wired and wireless network technology.

Cisco is also working with other service providers and solutions integrators throughout the Asia Pacific as well as with major airlines, airports, hotel chains and convention centers to build out the Cisco Internet Mobile Office architecture and ecosystem in the region. These will be announced over the next few months.

"Together with our service provider and technology alliances, the Cisco Internet Mobile Office will provide truly secure, wired and wireless Internet access in a wide variety of locations where business is conducted," said Cisco's Cheung. "When mobile business professionals begin to realize the breadth of public access facilities where they can now be productive, the real power of the Internet will be realized in many of these previously 'unconnected' spaces."

The Cisco Internet Mobile Office is a seamless extension of an organization's internal network, enabling its employees to stay productive even when they are on the move. Instant, reliable access to the corporate LAN and the Internet keeps them in constant communication with associates and customers. Cisco virtual private networking (VPN) technology protects and encrypts confidential information every step of the way. And, as Cisco Powered Network service providers deploy wireless LAN solutions, traveling executives will soon be able to access network services from their laptops in everyday places - at broadband speeds.

"In today's dynamic workplace, nonstop network access has become essential. As business moves forward at Internet speeds, you can't afford to be out of touch with clients, coworkers, and partners. Whether flying across the country or meeting in a conference room down the hall, you need secure broadband access anytime, anywhere," said Bill Chang, Managing Director, Singapore, Cisco Systems. "Today, access outside the office is limited to slow, unsecured, dial-up access. With the Cisco Internet Mobile Office initiative, we will soon enable mobile professionals with high-speed, secure access to their corporate resources anytime, anywhere."

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