News Release

BroadRiver Communications Joins Cisco Powered Network Program to Deliver a Powerful Platform to Handle Bundled Data and Voice Service Offerings

Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses to Benefit from High-Speed, Next Generation Network Technology
Mar 01, 2001

ATLANTA, GA - March 1, 2001 - BroadRiver Communications today announced that it is offering managed data and voice services to small- and medium-sized businesses in Atlanta, Orlando, and Nashville. In addition, BroadRiver's integrated "intelligent broadband" offering has been designated a Cisco Powered Network (CPN) service.

Because BroadRiver has been designated a Cisco Powered Network service, its customers enjoy the benefits that Cisco equipment and technology have brought to the majority of the world's business networks - unsurpassed reliability, scalability and overall performance.

"By building our next generation network to the Cisco Powered Network standard, our customers are assured the highest levels of reliability and performance. Moreover, the customer benefits of our relationship with Cisco led us to partner with them in developing the requirements for the Cisco IAD2421. This device provides truly convergent voice and data integration and operational efficiencies that provide significant advantages to our customers," said Tom Buttermore, Chairman and CEO of BroadRiver Communications.

BroadRiver utilizes the Cisco IAD2421 devices, which provide a proven seamless service migration from circuit-switched voice to packet-switched Next Generation IP services. The Cisco IAD2400 Series significantly reduces the installation costs with the industry's first Simple Network-enabled Auto Provisioning (SNAP) technologies. BroadRiver is pleased to be a lead collaborator with Cisco in the development of the Cisco IAD2421. According to Buttermore, "With the Cisco IAD2421, BroadRiver has accomplished a number of achievements including commercially deploying a distributed MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) SoftSwitch, SS7 interconnection and the first deployment of the Cisco IAD2421 as an integral component of BroadRiver's next generation, convergent architecture."

"BroadRiver brought a unique perspective in collaborating with us as we developed the Cisco IAD2421 because of their status as a service provider and understanding of their customer's IP networking needs," said Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Service Provider Line of Business and IOS Technologies Division (ITD) at Cisco Systems, Inc.

In addition to the Cisco IAD2421, BroadRiver employs Cisco 7500 series routers, Cisco Catalyst 5005 and Cisco 2600 series router, the Cisco 3662 trunking gateway and a softswitch. BroadRiver's customers benefit from the use of these products for a number of reasons. Because BroadRiver treats data and voice equally on their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, their customers need a high-speed routing and switching infrastructure across their network. The majority of Cisco platforms run on Cisco IOS software, which provides BroadRiver's customers with a faster, more reliable, and proven network infrastructure. Another benefit of the Cisco 7500 series routers and Cisco 5500 and Cisco 2900 series switches is their ability to rival the quality of much larger Class 5 switches. This benefit allows BroadRiver to provide a high quality product at a better value to our customers. The Cisco 3660 Trunking Gateway provides the interface to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for BroadRiver's customers. The major benefit of the Cisco 3660 is that it provides seamless integration of VoIP calls with the legacy telephone system.

BroadRiver's participation in the Cisco Powered Network program demonstrates to small- and medium-sized businesses its ability to provide industry-leading services that are based on Cisco solutions. BroadRiver also benefits from its Cisco Powered Network designation through joint marketing and technology sharing activities with Cisco.