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Cisco Systems Canada Teams with Burntsand Inc. to Accelerate E-Business Adoption Through Alberta Center

CALGARY, AB - February 7, 2001 - Cisco Systems Canada today
Feb 07, 2001

CALGARY, AB - February 7, 2001 - Cisco Systems Canada today announced it is contributing more than $500,000 worth of cutting-edge communications infrastructure to the Burntsand's Authorized iForceSM Ready Center - a sophisticated new facility located at Burntsand's state-of-the art center in Calgary, Alberta.

The Center will provide businesses in Alberta and throughout North America with an environment to conduct proof-of-concept (PoC) exercises for new applications that use the Internet. Cisco's contribution of core communications and messaging infrastructure will help create a highly reliable Internet data center for prototyping networked applications.

Companies will be able to simulate conditions they may encounter when operating critical services on the Internet. At the Center, clients will have the opportunity to spend one to four weeks validating the integration and functionality of their products, while assessing operability within their existing environments - enabling companies to move their business concepts quickly and confidently to e-business reality.

"Alberta is already an e-business hotbed - and the Burntsand center will focus international attention on the province by enabling enterprises across North America to refine their Internet-based strategies," says Nitin Kawale, Director, Canadian Enterprise Operations, Cisco Systems Canada.

"Alberta has clearly recognized that networking your businesses, consumers and communities will fundamentally improve the international competitiveness of the province," adds Mr. Kawale. "We look forward to working with Burntsand and the other forward-thinking partners involved with the initiative to further accelerate e-business adoption throughout Alberta."

"We are extremely pleased that Cisco Systems has joined us in support of this strategic initiative," comments Burntsand President Paul Bertin. "This center will perform for an international clientele and houses global best-of breed hardware and software technologies - providing an excellent showcase for all involved, including the province of Alberta."

"With projects like the Alberta SuperNet, our province is leading the way in establishing an infrastructure that will ensure our success in today's connected economy," said Alberta Minister of Innovation and Science Lorne Taylor. "Initiatives like the iForce Ready Center will drive innovation in Alberta, and foster the 'culture of use' that will keep us on top."

About Burntsand

Burntsand is an e-Business Solutions Integrator focusing on SellSide and InSide strategic internet-enabled applications. Burntsand's success results from the ability to create rapid e-Business solutions for clients in the SellSide areas of e-Commerce, e-Customer Relationship Management, e-Content Management and InSide application areas such as e-Business Intelligence and global Knowledge Management Solutions. Burntsand's e-Services encompass the strategy, technical, and creative disciplines required to define and implement these strategic e-Business solutions. Headquartered in Vancouver, Burntsand operates from ten North American locations. The company trades on the Toronto stock exchange (TSE) under the symbol BRT, Burntsand's website address is

About Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Cisco Systems - with $18.8 billion (US) in revenues and over 43,000 employees - is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Established in 1990, Cisco Systems Canada employs approximately 400 employees at their Canadian research and development site as well as 450 employees dedicated to sales and service across Canada, including their Calgary office.

The Internet is changing the way people work, live, learn and play - and Cisco Systems Canada is a primary agent of this change and a compelling example of the power of this revolution. By widely deploying business solutions based on the Internet, Cisco Systems saves over $825 million (US) per year in operating costs, has grown revenues by 100% in two years and has increased customer satisfaction at the same time. Cisco produces networking solutions for enterprise organizations, service providers and small/emerging businesses.

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