News Release

Cisco Launches New Family of Smart Integrated Access Devices

Service Providers Use Cisco's Smart IAD2400 to Transition to or Build Next Generation Telephony Networks
Jan 22, 2001

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 22, 2001 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the availability of new IAD2400 Series - a family of Smart Integrated Access Devices (IADs) for service providers which dramatically reduce the time and cost of delivering managed data and voice services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). The Smart IAD2400 customer premise equipment (CPE) devices, are the first and only IADs that provide a proven seamless service migration from circuit-switched voice to packet-switched Next Generation IP services. IAD2400 Series significantly reduces the installation costs with the industry's first Simple Network-enabled Auto Provisioning (SNAP) technologies. The first product in this family, the IAD2420, is currently in early stages of nationwide deployment with several next-generation service providers who are deploying unique bundles of data and voice services.

Competition among service providers has created a surge in demand for intelligence at the network edge. Cost savings and revenue-generating services are crucial to gaining a competitive edge and for long-term success. Cisco's new IAD2420 defines a brand new class of multi-purpose Smart IADs for a diverse set of architectures. Unlike existing IADs in the market, the IAD2400 Series offers rich IP data services, SNAP auto-installation technology, multiple bearer and signaling voice technologies, enabling a seamless transition to packet-based networks while expanding revenue opportunities for service providers.

The Smart IAD2400 Series provides service providers a powerful platform to handle bundled data and voice service offerings. To address critical business service requirements for their SMB customers, service providers are currently deploying the Smart IAD2400 as the CPE in three different architectures; TDM-based access to end-office switches; packet-based access to end-office switches and packet-based access to soft switch architectures. This flexibility enables service providers to deploy the IAD2400 Series today as they transition from multiple circuit-switched networks to a single integrated, broadband multi-service packet-switched network.

Service Providers Successfully Deploy Smart IAD 2420

The IAD2420 is currently in market trials with BroadRiver Communications' customers. BroadRiver Communications is an Atlanta-based Managed Service Provider developing advanced IP-based voice and data internetworking services for retail and wholesale deployment. "The IAD 2400 Series represents a significant piece in the transformation of the telecommunications infrastructure from a legacy PSTN to a true, Quality of Service-enabled IP infrastructure with voice as the 'killer application,'" says Tom Buttermore, BroadRiver Communications CEO. "With the IAD 2420, Broadriver has accomplished a number of achievements including commercially deploying a distributed MGCP (media gateway control protocol) soft switch, SS7 interconnection and the first deployment of the IAD 2420 as an integral component of BroadRiver's next generation, convergent architecture. The capital and operating impacts for service providers are significant and we are delighted to have been a lead collaborator with Cisco in the development of the IAD 2420."

Cbeyond Communications, a Broadband Applications Service Provider, also has selected Cisco's Smart IAD2420, currently in market trials with its Atlanta customers. "The IAD2420 is among the most important components of our next generation network," said Brian Craver, vice president of product development for Cbeyond Communications. "We've been extremely pleased with its performance both in the lab and in the field, and find it an excellent fit with the rest of the intelligent elements that make up ourpure IP network. It's both the translator and the traffic cop, making it a highly functional gateway between our customer's site and our network." Craver noted that tests done in the Cbeyond data center last fall as well as at customer market trial sites in December have yielded excellent results.

CTC Communications, a rapidly expanding Integrated Communications Carrier, is currently providing local voice services on its Cisco Powered Network. "Local and long distance voice services on our Cisco Powered Network are in daily use and are operationally sound with excellent voice quality", said Robert Fabbricatore, CTC's Chairman and CEO. "We are in the final testing phase of the Smart IAD2420 and are incorporating it into our deployment. The IAD 2420 provides a cost effective and fully functional IAD solution for converged voice and data services. The ability to support both native IP and ATM based voice and data services coupled with a seamless service migration, is a compelling proposition. The Smart IAD2420 is another Cisco development that fuels CTC's market thrust and value proposition of converged voice and data services on a 100% packet network".

Smart IAD2420: First in Product Family

The IAD2400 Series provides industry-leading SNAP technology for auto-installations, virtually eliminating the need for technicians and expensive truck rolls to customer sites. The IAD2400 Series allows service providers to deploy uniquely bundled, revenue-generating data and voice services, resulting in investment protection and operational efficiencies, thereby leading to faster profitability.

The IAD 2420, available today in three configurations, is powered by Cisco IOS enabling rich IP data services, combined with proven voice signaling and bearer technologies. The IAD2420 Series offers a choice of 8 or 16 analog ports or one T1 digital port for voice connectivity. Additionally, customers can select either T1 or DSL WAN interface with robust voice over ATM Adaption Layer 2 (VoAAL2) and voice over IP (VoIP) implementations. Service Providers are able to derive local services from an existing end-office switch or from soft switches supporting call control protocols like Simple Gateway Control Protocol (SGCP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) today, protecting their investments.

Pricing and Availability

The Cisco IAD2420 models include the: IAD2421-8FXS, IAD2421-16FXS and IAD2421-1T1, and are list priced at US$2,695, US$4,795 and US$6,795 respectively. All three products are currently shipping.