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Yusof Ishak Secondary School first to benefit from Cisco Systems' New Content Delivery Network System

SINGAPORE -- 14 December 2000 -- Students at Yusof Ishak
Dec 14, 2000

SINGAPORE -- 14 December 2000 -- Students at Yusof Ishak Secondary School will soon be able to access TV-quality educational content on their computers, thanks to an e-learning pilot scheme unveiled today.

Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, has partnered with InQuisitive Mind (, a leading application and technology service provider, to demonstrate how next-generation content-based services can enable e-learning in Singapore schools.

Yusof Ishak is the first school in Singapore to enjoy the benefits of's new e-learning service, which uses Cisco's new Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver multimedia materials via the Internet, including streaming videos from content providers such as the National Geographic Channel.

The key advantage of CDN is that it overcomes the bandwidth problems experienced on other networks, so that users can access media-rich content over the Internet without delays or breaks - just like tuning in to programmes on TV.

Mrs Doris Lim, Principal of Yusof Ishak said, "The video streaming of content, such as the National Geographic Channel programmes, will add a new dimension to the way the school delivers its curriculum for subjects such as Geography, English, Social Studies, Biology and History. This pilot scheme is in line with our vision for the future to enable our teachers and students to use e-learning as a tool to enrich their teaching and learning experience."

"To provide enhanced Web services such as e-learning, educational institutions like Yusof Ishak need a network that enables fast, intelligent deployment and provides end-to-end performance and availability," said Bill Chang, Cisco Systems Managing Director of Singapore. "What the school now has is basically the same kind of solution used by businesses and service providers for e-commerce and communications with employees and business partners."

"We are always looking for ways to enhance the e-learning process and empower our users," said Leslie Wong, Chief Executive Officer, "The Internet has certainly changed the way we look at education today and has vast potential for e-learning. Until now, however, bandwidth limitations have restricted the growth of e-learning - problems which are now solved for the first time with Cisco's CDN."

Cisco and, will soon begin offering the Cisco CDN system to other schools in Singapore.

The new CDN solution distributes Web-based content closer to the end user and overcome issues such as network bandwidth availability, distance or latency obstacles, origin server scalability, and congestion issues during peak usage periods. It is comprised of five technologies: Content Distribution and Management, Content Routing, Content Edge Delivery, Content Switching, and Intelligent Network Services. Cisco is the only solutions provider which can deliver all five elements as an integrated, end-to-end solution, or deliver individual components to add value to existing network infrastructures.

About Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Yusof Ishak Secondary School is a well established school of 35 years. Being the only school to be named after the First President, Encik Yusof Bin Ishak, the school has continued through the years to provide an education that adds much value to each and every student who enters its portals.

Recognised for its value addedness, the new school campus which was officially opened this year on 29 July 2000, is equipped with the most up to date facilities. The mission of the school is to nurture creativity, curiosity and confidence in the Yusoffians through a climate of respect, responsiveness and responsibility.

Guided by this mission, the IT plan of the school is for every student to become an active and curious learner using IT to create and to construct his own knowledge. This is the exciting vision which will propel every student to be equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to use the latest multi-media open tools for the purposes of creating their own web based learning. This is one school which consciously levels the playing field by providing equal access to IT opportunities to all its students.


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