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Cisco Enables Global GRX Service Offering

Cisco Joins Forces with Sonera and Equant to Accelerate the
Dec 01, 2000

Cisco Joins Forces with Sonera and Equant to Accelerate the Adoption of the Mobile Internet

LONDON, UK, December 01, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that it is providing the end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure that will enable Equant and Sonera's global GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) service for mobile operators.

The GRX service, offered jointly by Equant, which operates the world's largest seamless network, and Sonera, a leading mobile service provider, will facilitate roaming between the GPRS networks of mobile operators around the globe, providing users with seamless access to mobile Internet applications and services from anywhere in the world.

GRX is a centralised IP routing network for interconnecting General Radio Packet Services (GPRS) networks. The Equant and Sonera GRX service will enable GPRS subscribers to access mobile Internet data services and applications including e-mail, information and location services and video, as well as access to Corporate Intranets while travelling globally. Access is possible from more than 130 countries due to Equant's worldwide IP network, enabled by Cisco high-speed routers and switches.

Using the Cisco 12000 GSR series of standards-based Internet routers, mobile networks can interoperate across multiple operators. This will significantly increase the usage opportunities of GPRS terminals, and consequently create additional revenues for operators offering GPRS.

Laurence Huntley, Executive Vice President for Marketing, Equant, said: "Cisco is a major technology partner, so it was only logical that Cisco should play a significant role in one of our first major mobile wireless service rollouts. In partnership with Sonera, Equant has jointly developed a global roaming service based on a joint design and a common vision for the future."

Timo Levoranta, Senior Vice President, Sonera Mobile Internet Operator Services, said: "With our strong operator background, we at Sonera are firmly aware of the high standards of quality and service demanded by today's mobile players. As one of the instigators of global GRX standardisation, we are glad to join forces with strong, knowledgeable partners like Cisco and Equant, in making global GPRS roaming a reality."

Massimo Migliuolo, Worldwide Vice President for Mobile Business at Cisco, comments: "GSM roaming is something that Europeans take for granted. We expect our GSM phone to work wherever we take it, and it does. However, GPRS roaming for data and mobile Internet applications is a completely different ball game. The foresight of Equant and Sonera in developing a working GRX solution, consisting of Sonera's mobile know-how and the world's largest data network from Equant, has ensured that customers will also be able to take GPRS roaming for granted. We are delighted to be a part of this revolution in mobile communications."

The GRX service from Sonera and Equant utilises Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to ensure that all data transmission is entirely secure, allowing no unauthorised access to the GPRS traffic during transfer. Cisco's standards-based, highly scalable routers and switches enable mobile operators to offer a solution compatible with all current and future networks such as GPRS, EDGE and 3rd Generation UMTS.

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Sonera (HEX: SRA, NASDAQ: SNRA) is an international forerunner in mobile communications and mobile-based services and applications. By combining its expertise in mobile communications, the Internet and service provision, Sonera aims to develop into a global communications operator and provider of transaction and content services. The company also provides advanced data communications solutions to businesses, and fixed network voice services in Finland and its nearby areas. In 1999, Sonera's revenues amounted to EUR 1.85 billion and profit before extraordinary items and taxes was EUR 0.5 billion. For more information, see

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Equant (NYSE: ENT) (Paris Bourse: EQU) operates the world's largest network, providing data, Internet and voice services to multi-national companies around the globe. The network reaches key business centres in more than 220 countries. For additional information, see