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NetRail Enhances Multi-platform Network for the Delivery of High-Quality Content

ATLANTA, Georgia - November 13, 2000 - NetRail, Inc., the
Nov 13, 2000

ATLANTA, Georgia - November 13, 2000 - NetRail, Inc., the nation's only independent Tier One broadband service and content delivery network, today announced the deployment of its multi-platform architecture including Cisco 12000 series Internet routers. The Cisco addition enables NetRail to deliver high-quality content and IP broadband services to its NSP customers.

"Our network must deliver the highest quality of service to our NSP customer base, and the Cisco implementation will provide a redundant platform necessary to meet the growing QoS requirements," said Steve Massey, CEO of NetRail. "The Cisco 12000 series Internet router enables NetRail to further its content distribution strategy and provide high speed, availability and reliability all the way to the edge of the Internet."

"NetRail's commitment to maintain a position on the leading edge of network technology makes for an ideal relationship between Cisco and NetRail. A David among Goliaths in the Internet world, NetRail recognizes the value of the technology Cisco brings to the table," said Kevin Kennedy, senior vice president of Cisco's service provider line of business. "Our 12000 series routers will enable NetRail to provide service diversification at the edge, while continuing fast bandwidth build-out at the core of their network."

The Cisco 12000 series Internet router is Cisco's premier scalable, carrier-class high-end routing platform for building IP optimized backbones and providing edge and aggregation functionality for service providers building high-speed optical Internet networks. This implementation will enable NetRail to build new value into its network and to further the development of its content delivery architecture.

NetRail began deploying Cisco's technology across the United States in October. Today, NetRail's carrier-class Tier One IP network consists of OC-12, OC-3 and DS-3 backbone trunks. The network will run at OC-192 speeds by the end of 2001.

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Atlanta-based NetRail is a leader in delivering broadband services that provide established and emerging Network Service Providers, including ISPs, CLECs, BLECs, ASPs and VSPs, with an outsourced solution to their own data strategy and products. NetRail's Tier One IP backbone delivers scalability, reliability and speed, spanning over 20,000 miles with more than 72 POPs nationwide. NetRail's unique focus gives customers a competitive edge through NetRail's ongoing development of data products, content services and application solutions and equates to the fastest speed to market; an extensive team of support personnel and IP engineering expertise.

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