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Frontier Selects Cisco to Supply High-Speed Internet Equipment

Internet Speeds up to 40 Times Faster than Standard Modems are Possible with Frontier's LightningLink Service and Cisco's DSL Equipment
Oct 09, 2000

ROCHESTER, NY October 9, 2000 Frontier Telephone of Rochester, a Global Crossing company, is announcing the selection of Cisco Systems Inc. as the primary supplier for digital subscriber line (DSL) equipment, which will enable residential customers to experience high-speed Internet connections over existing telephone lines. Frontier s LightningLink high-speed Internet service is currently available in Rochester and Monroe, New York as well as in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Cisco's DSL equipment transforms existing analog copper phone lines within homes and businesses, into super-fast digital lines. The DSL enhanced phone lines can carry data at speeds up to 40 times faster than some dial-up modems and at twice the speed of the Internet itself. Frontier's DSL network is built on the powerful carrier-class Cisco 6130 Internet Protocol (IP) DSL Switch for deploying a new caliber of premium, managed data, voice and video services. The network also will consist of the Cisco 677 Small Office/Home Office (SO/HO)/Telecommuter ADSL Router as the user interface and the Cisco 6400 carrier-class broadband aggregator with the Service Selection Gateway (SSG).

Frontier's LightningLink service provides Internet customers the fastest online access available over their existing phone lines, said Frontier Telephone CEO Martin Mucci. Cisco s cutting-edge technology allows us to offer several benefits to our customers including instant Internet connections, smooth, high-quality online video and audio all while the customer talks on the same telephone line.

We are excited to see Frontier take full advantage of the power of Cisco's DSL solution to give its customers a broader, richer set of value-added service offerings while reducing operating expenses and increasing the manageability, service performance and cost effectiveness of their DSL network, said Kambiz Hooshmand, vice president and general manager of Cisco's DSL business unit. By working with Frontier to build a more intelligent, New World network, Cisco is helping the company achieve a competitive advantage in today's fast-growing broadband marketplace.

Customer demand for Frontier's LightningLink service continues to exceed the company's projections within the three markets where the service is currently available. Potential customers can check to see if Frontier's LightningLink is available in their respective neighborhood by using Frontier's online pre-qualification software at

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