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Turnstone Teams with Cisco to Improve DSL Service Provisioning

SANTA CLARA, California, September 12, 2000 - Turnstone
Sep 12, 2000

SANTA CLARA, California, September 12, 2000 - Turnstone Systems (NASDAQ: TSTN) announced today that it has teamed with Cisco Systems, Inc. to offer a complete solution that facilitates the provisioning of digital subscriber line (DSL) services for service providers that are deploying end-to-end Cisco DSL networks. As a new member of the Cisco New World Ecosystem program, Turnstone will integrate its loop management products with the Cisco Order-to-Service provisioning solution, helping to improve the efficiency of provisioning DSL service through automation.

"Loop management functions, such as circuit provisioning and line testing, are essential to DSL delivery, yet have typically been performed independently of operational tasks, such as order entry and workflow management" said Enzo Signore, Director of Marketing for the Cisco DSL Business Unit. "By working with Turnstone, we can link these two functional areas together in a fully automated environment, thus improving the efficiency and scalability of DSL deployment."

The Turnstone solution consists of the Copper CrossConnect. CX100 and CrossWorks Back Office Automation Software. Sitting between customer-premise equipment (CPE) and DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs) in a central office, the Copper CrossConnect CX100 enables service providers to perform a variety of loop management functions, such as loop qualification, cross connection and the generation of audible loop identifiers to facilitate copper provisioning. The CrossWorks management tools integrate these functions with the Cisco Order-to-Service solution, enabling service providers to automate the DSL provisioning process -- from service order to service delivery.

"Turnstone is pleased to be a part of the Cisco New World Ecosystem program because it provides us with the opportunity to work with industry-leading vendors to create best-of-breed solutions." said Eric Andrews, vice president of Marketing, Turnstone. "Through the Cisco Order-to-Service solution and future initiatives, we can help service providers overcome many of the real-world challenges they face when deploying and provisioning DSL."