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Solution 6 AlphaWest & Cisco Systems to Provide Equipment for Swiftel Network

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - September 29, 2000 - Western Australian
Sep 29, 2000

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - September 29, 2000 - Western Australian telecommunications carrier Swiftel Communications has appointed Solution 6 AlphaWest as its prime partner for Networking Management and services for Swiftel's Perth CBD fibre optic network.

Swiftel also announced that its networking vendor would be Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco 12000 Series Internet routers will be deployed in the Swiftel fibre core, running Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) protocol for increased traffic efficiencies.

Swiftel's Chief Executive Officer Chris Gale said Cisco's equipment would allow the network to extend its capability beyond that of an old world carrier. "The network will be the first IP-based, carrier class network installed in Western Australia running DPT," said Mr. Gale. "This will provide Swiftel with not only a carrier class network but also the flexibility to move faster than its competitors."

"IP-based networks provide the technical ability to deliver new and exciting services to the Western Australian community. They also enable the rapid delivery of new services, thereby reducing churn and attracting customers from competitors who do not offer comparable services or service velocity."

The Cisco 12000 Series Internet router is Cisco's premier carrier-class high-end routing platform for building IP optimized optical networks. Proven through worldwide deployments and its truly distributed architecture, the 12000 Series provides a high level of availability, enabling the deployment of scalable and stable IP networks. The Cisco 12000 Series backbone router's low latency, true quality of service (QoS) support, and extensive IP features enable Swiftel to deploy new revenue-generating services and maintain existing service level agreements. Additionally, the 12000 Series router will allow Swiftel to smoothly migrate their network infrastructure to 10Gbps (OC192c/STM64).

Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) is a resilient packet ring technology designed to deliver scalable Internet service, reliable IP-aware optical transport, and simplified network operations. Principally for metropolitan area applications, DPT-based solutions allow Service Providers to cost effectively scale and distribute their Internet and IP services across a reliable optical packet ring infrastructure.

DPT is based on Spatial Reuse Protocol (SRP), a Cisco-developed MAC-layer protocol for ring-based packet internetworking. Cisco has submitted SRP to the IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) Working Group for consideration as standard.

"The economic benefits to be gained by IP networking are compelling," said Cisco Western Australia Regional Manager Stuart Hoare. "Businesses must take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Internet to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. IP-based networking enables carriers to save money, pass the savings on to their customers and offer customers more sophisticated, value-added services. Swiftel clearly understands the value of Internet Protocol."

"With Cisco's extensive edge and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) product range, Swiftel will be able to meet customer requirements for many types of in-building access and connectivity, leveraging existing customer network capabilities and providing new installations," Mr. Hoare said.

According to Mr. Gale, the combined resources and technology of Cisco and Solution 6 AlphaWest would allow Swiftel to achieve a positive market impact during the start up phase of Swiftel's operation and would enable the company to begin increasing revenue as soon as the network is commissioned.

The network equipment will be fully operational in December.

Garry Henley, General Manager of Solution 6 AlphaWest Western Region, said the commitment by Solution 6 AlphaWest to implement and support Swiftel's New World carrier environment was a natural extension of our success with Cisco in Western Australia.

"We are excited by the opportunity to provide, in partnership with Swiftel, proactive management through Solution 6 AlphaWest's Network Management Centre," he said.

Swiftel completed deployment of the conduits, pits and cable at the end of October. Swiftel's Network and Data Operation Centre, which is now complete, is located in the new corporate offices, QV1 Building, 250 St Georges Tce, Perth.

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