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Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router Provides Affordable, Multi-user Access with the Power of Cisco IOS Manageability and Reliability

Allows Service Providers to Deploy a Secure, Managed Network
Sep 18, 2000

Allows Service Providers to Deploy a Secure, Managed Network Services while Reducing Operational Costs

BOSTON, Mass., Sept. 18, 2000 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Router, that provides small office/home office users with affordable, secure, Internet access over a single DSL line. The Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router along with Cisco IOS software, allows Service Providers to reduce operational costs while deploying managed network services.

According to Nick Mistry, director, product management at Vectris Communications, "The SOHO 77 will enable Vectris to deliver an affordable and reliable solution to SOHO customers, while minimizing the deployment and product life cycle costs associated with managed services. By using the remote management and troubleshooting features of the Cisco SOHO 77 CPE, we can quickly address service issues to keep overall costs down and customer networks up and running." Vectris is a Cisco-Powered regional provider of DSL- and Internet services headquartered in Austin, TX.

Affordable, Multi-User Access with Internet Security

The Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router is ideal for SOHO customers who need for multiple users to access the Internet --more than a simple residential DSL service can provide. The Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router also provides additional security and reliability through a packet filtering firewall and the proven reliability of Cisco IOS software.

"Small and home-based businesses are increasingly interested in DSL connections, but they need more than basic residential connections," said Ray Boggs, Vice President Small Business/Home Office Research at IDC in Farmmingham, MA. "As businesses, these customers are looking for reliability and security, as well as low price. As more small firms move to a Web presence and e-commerce, their need for full featured high speed connections will grow even more dramatically."

Ease of Deployment for Reduced Costs of Operation

Service Providers can reduce service deployment costs with the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router by avoiding truck rolls for customer installations. The Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router provides a plug-and-play design and includes a web-based configuration tool for simple set up.

"One of the goals of Service Providers driving the deployment of DSL is to offer more value with managed network services to the widest range of customers, while keeping their operational costs down. We believe the introduction of the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router and our ongoing commitment to provide the most complete family of affordable DSL access solutions for businesses of all sizes will help them achieve that goal," said Bruce Laird, senior director of marketing, Remote Internetworking Business Unit at Cisco. "By working with Service Providers, Cisco can help speed the delivery of New World business services that will enable organizations to use the Internet to run successful businesses."

In addition, the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router can be deployed at customer premises with confidence, since it is based on the same industry-accepted, Cisco IOS architecture that powers networks of all sizes. The highly reliable platform enables Service Providers to increase both customer satisfaction and loyalty, while limiting costs associated with service deployment and operation. Additionally, with Cisco IOS interactive diagnostics and debug features, Service Providers can perform remote management and troubleshooting in a minimum amount of time to help keep business services up and running for their SOHO customers.

"High-speed DSL access is an affordable option for my business operation, however I've always been concerned about reliability and security," said Bill Rolland, owner of a San Francisco Bay Area-based corporate writing service. "Now with the introduction of the SOHO 77, I can be confident that my staff can get fast, reliable, and secure access to the Net."

Pricing and Availability

Availability of the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router is planned for the end of October 2000, with a U.S. list price of $549.