News Release

NARUS to Provide Internet Business Infrastructure Solutions for Road Runner's High Speed Online Service

NARUS Intelligence Will Help Road Runner More Effectively Deploy Network Resources, Launch New Services and Enhance the Road Runner Customer Experience
Jul 10, 2000

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 10, 2000 - NARUS Inc., the leading provider of Internet Business Infrastructure (IBI) solutions, today announced that Road Runner, the nation's pre-eminent broadband service provider, has selected NARUS IBI Solutions, including the NARUS IBI Solutions Platform and NARUS Intelligence, for deployment in its nationwide broadband cable modem service. Road Runner is a joint venture among affiliates of Time Warner (NYSE:TWX), AT&T (NYSE:T), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Compaq (NYSE:CPQ) and Advance/Newhouse.

NARUS IBI solutions are uniquely suited to the needs of broadband service providers, including cable broadband and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) residential and commercial services. Service providers are using the NARUS IBI Solutions platform to collect detailed usage information from broadband networks. That information is then made available to NARUS Billing Mediation System in order to implement usage-based billing, or NARUS Intelligence as Road Runner is doing, to analyze key network and service usage trends.

"We were looking for a way to gain insight into how our network resources are being utilized as well as what broadband applications seem to be the most popular in certain regions of the country," said Andy Bast, senior vice president of operations for Road Runner. "NARUS Intelligence fills the bill by gathering usage information directly off our network without impacting network performance, and then providing summary analyses in an easy-to-use, and intuitive web-based interface. Most importantly, this information will allow Road Runner to deploy network resources and service offerings more effectively, thereby improving the Road Runner customer's overall experience."

The complete NARUS Intelligence solution consists of the NARUS IBI Solutions platform - made up of NARUS Analyzers, and NARUS LogicServer software - and the NARUS Intelligence application, which provides comprehensive service and usage reports in an easy-to-use, browser-based interface. Road Runner is deploying NARUS Analyzers running OC-3 (155 Mbps) interfaces initially in seven locations throughout its network, including cable head-ends, and IP network traffic aggregation points. NARUS Analyzers feed usage information into NARUS Logic Servers, running in Road Runner's data center, which in turn aggregate and correlate usage information from which NARUS Intelligence generates reports. These reports provide analyses of network usage trends, such as which applications - e.g. web surfing, Email, content (MP3, etc.) downloads - are the most popular, what time of day the network is being used the most, in what regions of the country, and others.

"Road Runner joins a growing list of leading-edge service providers that have recognized the value of NARUS IBI Solutions to provide key business infrastructure for their IP network services," said Mark Stone, president and chief operating officer of NARUS. "We are excited to be working with one of the leading broadband service providers in the country to deploy NARUS Intelligence in their network. By helping them analyze network and service usage, Road Runner will be able to provide the best possible service for its customers."

"Cisco and Road Runner have worked closely for years to implement cutting-edge broadband solutions, solutions that replace installation trucks with web-click access to broadband service online or plug-n-play installation of broadband devices, all enabled by the Cisco Subscriber Registration Center (CSRC), which helps accelerate broadband service roll-outs for Road Runner," said Paul Bosco, VP, service provider marketing, architecture and strategy at Cisco Systems. "In this vein, Cisco is also working closely with NARUS, and we are thrilled that Road Runner has chosen to implement NARUS IBI solutions in their network. We look forward to opportunities to deliver additional solutions that help Road Runner continue its position as one of the premier providers of high-speed online services."

The NARUS applications are based on the NARUS IBI platform, which gathers detailed network usage information directly from high-speed, carrier-grade IP networks, as well as from other sources, and makes that information available to applications from NARUS and third parties. A growing number of NARUS Solutions Partners are integrating their applications with the NARUS platform, adding comprehensive, real-time usage data to their billing, customer care, fraud detection, churn management and other key operational and business support system (OSS/BSS) applications.

IBI applications from NARUS include, in addition to NARUS Intelligence, the NARUS Billing Mediation System (BMS), which enables key customer care and billing applications with accurate usage information, in real time and supports value-based business models for digital content distribution, web commerce, application hosting, messaging services, and many others.

"Broadband service providers are increasingly coming to recognize that better customer understanding translates directly into better competitiveness," said Alex Salamon, director of NARUS' broadband business unit. "By implementing NARUS Intelligence, Road Runner will be more informed, more responsive, and more successful in anticipating and meeting their customers' needs."