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Macau's CTM Rolls Out Enclave's First Broadband Internet Network Using Cisco Equipment

MACAU -- 4 July 2000 -- Entering a new era of high-speed
Jul 04, 2000

MACAU -- 4 July 2000 -- Entering a new era of high-speed Internet access, CTM of Macau today announced that is ready to roll out the enclave's first Broadband Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) network.

The new service, delivered over a newly constructed network utilising high-performance switches and network infrastructure from Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, will enable both corporate and residential users to enjoy 1.5 megabit per second (Mbps) access to the Internet -- almost 30 times faster than the current 56 kilobit per second (Kbps) modems.

Integrated with CTM's existing Internet backbone, which is also Cisco based, the new network infrastructure converts thousands of existing telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high speed data communications. Its core backbone is constructed around high-end Cisco BPX 8600 series switches.

"By aggressively expanding our broadband offerings we aim to provide the people of Macau with world class multimedia services," said Vandy Poon, CTM's Director of Marketing. "CTM and Cisco have been working closely together for over a year in developing the new service including more than 10 months of ADSL trials with selected end users."

According to Mr. Poon, one of the key benefits of ADSL technology is that the connection has a 'Fast Connection' capability meaning that customers do not have to dial in each time to connect to services. "We found that Cisco's leading technology in IP exactly matches our requirement for an end-to-end solution in the broadband access architecture," he said.

"By using Cisco DSL products and solutions, CTM has transformed the existing public information network from one limited to voice, text, and low-resolution graphics to a powerful, ubiquitous system capable of bringing multimedia, including full motion video, to every workplace and home in Macau," said Mr. Frankie Sum, Managing Director of Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd.

Cisco has been working with CTM for more than three years and currently supplies more than 95 percent of equipment for its Internet backbone including Modem Pools, LAN Switches, Cache Engines, Core Routers, Edge Routers and Remote/CPE Routers.

"We are delighted to be actively involved in the launch of the broadband service in Macau. Cisco is looking forward to cooperating further with CTM," said Ms. Margaret Lee, Regional Manager for Service Providers, Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd.

CTM targets to officially launch the broadband Internet service by the end of July. By that time, the network coverage will cover 70% to 80% of Macau and by the end of this year, the network will be extended to cover 90% of the enclave. Following the launch of the broadband service, e-billing, e-payment and e-shopping will be introduced to provide a variety of on-line services to Macau's residents. Due to the anticipated demand for the new broadband service, CTM will be co-operating with other organisations, to deliver a variety of high speed and multimedia services, such as remote learning, on-line news reports etc. for local residents.

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