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Cisco Announces Software Upgrades for the IP/VC 3500 Family

New Version Enhances Videoconferencing over IP Networks SAN
Jul 24, 2000

New Version Enhances Videoconferencing over IP Networks

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 24, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced software upgrades for its IP-based videoconferencing solution, the Cisco IP/VC 3500 product family, that provide customers improved functionality and better audio and video quality. The Cisco IP/VC family is a key component in the Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID), which provides the infrastructure for a truly converged network.

Version 2.0 provides performance and feature enhancements to all four products in the IP/VC 3500 family that includes the IP/VC 3510 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), the IP/VC 3520 and 3525 (H.320-to-H.323) Videoconferencing Gateways, and the IP/VC 3530 Video Terminal Adapter (VTA).

"We are excited about the continuing advancement that Cisco is making to videoconferencing over IP networks," said Larry Patin, chief of the Telecommunications Office at the US Census Bureau. "Enhancements in performance and applications will result in increased cost savings, productivity, and improved real-time, enterprise-wide communication for organizations like ours who are taking advantage of Cisco IP/VC products."

Cisco IP/VC 3500 upgrade highlights:

Cisco IP/VC 3510 Multipoint Control Unit
  • In addition to voice activated and director control of the speaker, the 3510 MCU now supports continuous presence (CP), which gives users the ability to view up to four participants displayed in a single screen.

  • The MCU also provides H.263 support, a videoconferencing standard that delivers higher video quality at similar or lower bandwidths.

Cisco IP/VC 3520 Videoconferencing Gateway

  • The 3520 gateway now integrates bonding of multiple channels across basic rate interface (BRI) port configurations to dedicate more bandwidth per call. This feature gives users more flexibility and lowers the cost of making 384 kbps calls through the 3520 gateway.

  • The 3520 also supports G.722 audio encoding, a wide-band audio standard that provides high quality sound.

  • The 3520 enables far end camera control, which allows remote access of cameras attached to endpoints connected through the gateway.

  • For users of the V.35 interface, the new software provides extended support for 768 kbps calls, enabling higher quality videoconferences.

Cisco IP/VC 3525 Videoconferencing Gateway

  • The 3525 primary rate interface (PRI) gateway now supports G.722 audio encoding and far end camera control support.

Cisco IP/VC 3530 Video Terminal Adapter (VTA)

  • The 3530 VTA supports 768 kbps calls, G.722 audio encoding and far end camera control.

"Cisco IP/VC products help organizations transition to an Internet-driven world with instant worldwide connectivity," said Jack Bradley, director and general manager of the Cisco Video Internet Services Organization. "Customers benefit by being able to make decisions faster, train and educate more effectively and save time and money by eliminating today's high travel costs."

Pricing and Availability

Cisco IP/VC 3500 software V 2.0 is available at no charge to current IP/VC 3500 product users on SMARTnet contracts. The new 3520 and 3525 gateways and the 3530 VTA features are available now for download at The new 3510 MCU features will be available within 90 days.