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Syndesis Delivers Industry's First Automated Provisioning Solution For Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

Swisscom Deploying NetProvision VPN Service Application on
Jun 05, 2000

Swisscom Deploying NetProvision VPN Service Application on Cisco MPLS Switching/Routing Backbone

SUPERCOMM 2000, ATLANTA, June 5, 2000-In a move to provide telecommunications providers with a means of managing the creation and activation of large-scale VPN services, Syndesis, the leader in automated provisioning for the new public network, today announced NetProvision VPN Service Application. NetProvision VPN Service Application, the industry's first fully automated VPN service creation and activation solution, uses the Cisco VPN Solutions Center to provision Cisco networks, enabling telecommunications providers to rapidly create diverse VPN service offerings that can efficiently scale to support increased customer demand. This underscores Syndesis' commitment to support the whole new public network, across all technologies and vendor equipment. In addition to VPN, Syndesis also offers other off-the-shelf service applications for DSL, ATM, Frame Relay, and MPLS.

Swisscom, a leading Swiss telecommunications provider, is currently deploying the solution to offer nationwide IP services delivered over DSL access networks and a core MPLS backbone to enterprise customers. As part of the undertaking, Swisscom is supplanting its legacy networks with a high-capacity scalable MPLS IP infrastructure based on Cisco's IP+ATM Multi-service Switches, Cisco 12000 GSR series routers and Cisco 7000 series IP routers. "Automating the service provisioning process for IP VPNs is a key requirement for Swisscom," said Juerg Uehlinger, Head of New Generation OSS for Swisscom. "We have worked closely with Cisco and Syndesis to define the automated VPN service activation process. We are deploying NetProvision to provide us with automated VPN provisioning, as well a service activation platform to meet our customers' diverse needs."

"Sophisticated IP VPN services require automated provisioning, and Cisco has teamed with Syndesis to ensure that our customers can use our leading-edge technologies to quickly develop new services and activate them across New World networks," said Alan S. Cohen, Senior Director, Marketing, Communications Software Group for Cisco.

Although still a relatively new market, the demand for VPN services is increasing dramatically as corporations move to outsource data networks and services. Infonetics Research, a market research and consulting firm for the networking and telecommunications industries, estimates that expenditures on VPN services will grow from approximately US $5 billion this year to almost US $30 billion by 2003.

"The only way to successfully meet the projected demand for VPN services is to automate service creation and activation end-to-end, across both the core network and all of the access networks," said Neil Baimel, President and Chief Executive Officer for Syndesis. "By automating service provisioning for the new public network, carriers such as Swisscom can gain competitive advantages and aggressively market business-class VPN services - safe in the knowledge they can accommodate increasing demands. NetProvision is a sophisticated, automated provisioning solution that allows carriers to determine network operational information in real-time so they can make VPN service commitments in advance of order acceptance to improve customer satisfaction and accelerate service delivery."

Automated Provisioning Key to the Deployment of VPN

Services "VPN services, to be successful, must be deployed in mass quantity and supported at low cost," said Tom Nolle, President of CIMI. "Automated provisioning is a key to achieving this goal, and therefore a key to the success of VPNs."

By automating service creation and activation with NetProvision, carriers can eliminate the manual, error-prone processes that restrict their abilities to profitably scale VPN service offerings, such as extranets, remote office connectivity, remote access, and outsourced intranets.

The NetProvision VPN Service Application delivers the ability to automatically upload all aspects of an IP VPN, including physical network assets. The NetProvision VPN Service Application can also upload information on Layer 3 routers, both on the provider network and at customer locations, as well as inventory, virtual routing tables, MPLS Label Switch Paths, and logical topology so carriers can automate the network to enable flexible VPN services. Only the NetProvision suite of products allows providers to successfully address the complex process of end-to-end service activation in a mixed, Layer 2 access network (such as ATM, frame relay, or DSL), as well as across Layer 3 core networks (such as an MPLS backbone).

Providers can aggressively scale new services to accommodate demand by uploading real-time information about network resources. The NetProvision suite of products allows providers to fully automate the provisioning process by deriving real-time information on physical network inventory, including equipment, bandwidth, and even virtual circuits, into back-end OSS applications and repositories using a unique, bi-directional flow-through interface.

Pricing and Availability

NetProvision VPN Service Application is available immediately. Pricing starts at US $275,000.