News Release

Pagoo Delivers Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Services Based on Cisco Voice Gateways

Pagoo joins Cisco Powered Network Program to Deliver High-Quality, Economical Voice over the Internet Service to Consumers and Business Partners
Jun 05, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 5, 2000 - Pagoo, the first real Internet phone company, today announced that it is offering enhanced Voice over Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services to consumers and business partners, running on top of Cisco voice gateways. In addition, Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, has designated Pagoo a Cisco Powered Network provider.

As a new member of the Cisco Powered Network program, Pagoo will provide its customers with robust and fully scalable Internet phone services that allow them, for the first time, to use their PCs to receive and make calls while online, in addition to using a suite of enhanced phone features. Cisco's high-performance, customer-focused, reliable and secure VoIP hardware and network services are key components of Pagoo's Internet phone services.

"As the architect of next-generation Internet telephony, Pagoo is pleased to work with Cisco, a company that shares our vision of a world-class IP infrastructure for delivering solutions to customers," said John "Joc" Jacquay, CEO of Pagoo. "By deploying Cisco's market-leading technology, we will be able to provide our customers, both retail users and business partners, with high-quality, low-cost VoIP service that offers them, for the first time, a choice in how they make and receive a phone call."

Cisco's voice gateways are an integral part of Pagoo's infrastructure, the hub of which is Trident, an intelligent VoIP architecture that is the engine behind Pagoo's services. Trident enables unique Phone-to-PC functionality, in addition to PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, Caller ID, call forwarding and integrated voicemail. Built upon Cisco and Microsoft components, Trident is an open standard VoIP architecture, interoperable with the NetCentrex platform and compatible with any Cisco-based VoIP network. In addition to its proprietary, patent pending technology, Pagoo has teamed up with NetCentrex, a Cisco New World Ecosystem partner, for the NetCentrex platform and hosting service (modeled after the Intelligent network) to translate call signaling information between Trident and the VoIP network.

"We are delighted to welcome Pagoo, a leader in the development of next generation VoIP services for consumers and enterprises, as a new member of the Cisco Powered Network program," said Alistair Woodman, Director of Marketing for Cisco's Packet Telephony Division. "By taking full advantage of the Cisco Open Packet Telephony architecture, Pagoo can deliver exciting new voice services over IP networks to both businesses and consumers.

Pagoo's participation in the Cisco Powered Network program demonstrates its ability to provide next-generation technology services and features built upon Cisco's best-of-breed infrastructure solutions. A benefit of the program for Pagoo is their participation in joint marketing, technology sharing and selling activities with Cisco. This relationship offers both Pagoo's retail customers and business partners the benefits of Cisco's leading-edge technologies and services.