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Cisco Enables Productivity Gains with Worldwide Deployment Of Innovative Network Design Tool

Partners can Register Now for Cisco Network Designer
Jun 26, 2000

Partners can Register Now for Cisco Network Designer Training

LAS VEGAS - NETWORKERS 2000 - June 26, 2000 - Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the global deployment of its innovative network design tool, Cisco Network Designer, enabling network design engineers to enjoy productivity gains. To ensure maximum partner success, Cisco has also launched a worldwide Network Designer training program. Registration is now available and participants will receive the Cisco Network Designer software package at the training program.

Cisco Network Designer simplifies the traditionally complex and labor-intensive network design process by automating and combining the functionality of legacy drawing tools with a library of all orderable Cisco products, network design intelligence and configuration rules. It also accelerates the delivery of consistent, 'best practices' design methodology, resulting in more accurate network designs. Currently, this advanced network deign tool is being used by thousands of Cisco engineers to deliver accurate, professional designs in a fraction of the time it took using traditional tools.

"With the rapid growth of the network industry we are constantly trying to find new ways to preserve the valuable time of our skilled systems engineers," said Manuel Rivelo, vice president of Technical Operations at Cisco Systems. "Since our internal deployment of the Cisco Network Designer the productivity of our system engineers has increased tremendously. With the worldwide deployment of Cisco Network Designer our partners can now experience this same productivity gain."

Collaborating To Create The Best Design Tool

To provide partners with the industry's best network design tool, Cisco leveraged the power of the Internet ecosystem to collaborate with Netformx, a provider of e-business solutions that meet the challenges of designing and acquiring multi-vendor networking systems. The collaboration agreement between the two companies spawned the development of a new industry-standard, network design platform. Equipped with the Netformix Multi-vendor Device Library, partners can use Cisco Network Designer to quickly and easily design networks with virtually any networking vendors' products. Couple that with the Netformx Enterprise AutoDiscovery technology and Cisco Network Designer enables partners to quickly see what products are on the network so that new designs will integrate well with the existing network, and obsolete products can be identified for replacement.


Cisco Network Designer training participants will receive the software package at the one-day training program. The AutoDiscovery and Multi-Vendor features are optional and do require partners to purchase technology and content updates from Netformx. To learn more about Cisco Network Designer, the worldwide training program and how to register go to