News Release

ACE*COMM Joins the Cisco New World Ecosystem Partner Program

ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation Software permits Next Generation Service Providers to bill their customers for network usage.
Jun 07, 2000

Gaithersburg, MD., June 7, 2000 - ACE*COMM Corporation, the leading provider of innovative, carrier-grade mediation and data warehousing solutions, today announced that it has joined the Cisco New World Ecosystem Partner Program. The Cisco New World Ecosystem is a community of technology partners working together to enable service providers to rapidly develop and deploy innovative telecommunications services. These technology partners support open, standards-based architectures and share a commitment to interoperable, multi-vendor implementations.

ACE*COMM is a Cisco New World Ecosystem Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) partner focusing on mediation and data warehousing solutions for convergent networks. The ACE*COMM Convergent Mediation solution addresses the growing demand for real-time usage data that permits carriers to bill their customers in a more flexible and effective manner.

A prime example of a New World carrier is Pathnet. As a wholesale provider of convergent telecommunications services, Pathnet offers IXCs, ILECs, CLECs and ISPs next-generation access services bundled with high-capacity transport, on a wholly-owned digital fiber network in 2nd and 3rd tier markets across the United States. Pathnet has implemented ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation software. The software is used to generate industry standard billing record formats and statistical measurements in conjunction with the new Cisco VSC 3000 Virtual Switch Controller. The Cisco VSC 3000 is a telco-grade, MGCP-enabled softswitch that performs intelligent call routing, signaling mediation, services access, gateway control and centralized management.

"ACE*COMM's ability to capture the data from any network element, then correlate and augment it with data from other sources allows us to deploy a full suite of integrated Cisco solutions while assuring that we meet our market rollout commitments to our customers. This has not only reduced planning and buildout time but also helped us to provision our new VPOP Plus Service quickly,'' said Gerry Sharp, Pathnet's Chief Technology Officer,.

"ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation solutions assist service providers in addressing today's high-speed, end-to-end data access requirements,'' said Steve Hoch, Director, Service Provider Marketing at Cisco. ``We are pleased ACE*COMM has joined the Cisco New World Ecosystem Partner Program to deliver these capabilities as part of our customers' overall end-to-end Cisco solutions in the critical mediation and data warehousing arena."

Membership in the Cisco New World Ecosystem Partner Program is extended to companies that demonstrate leading-edge technical capabilities and present mutual business opportunities. Innovative solutions designed for New World opportunities deliver enhanced services in several key areas, including Packet Telephony, Voice Applications, OSS/BSS, Broadband and Solutions Integration/Deployment.

"Our customers are relying on us to deliver a suite of innovative and manageable access and transport wholesale services to complement their retail product offerings. As a Cisco Powered Network partner, we are pleased to work with this newest member of the Cisco New World Ecosystem. ACE*COMM will give us even greater advantage in supporting our customers' retail billing requirements.,'' said Bob Rouse, Executive Vice President and COO of Pathnet.