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Keppel Land and Cisco Systems Collaborate to Develop Internet-Powered Properties to Enhance E-lifestyle in Asia

SINGAPORE -- 17 May 2000 -- Keppel Land Limited and Cisco
May 17, 2000

SINGAPORE -- 17 May 2000 -- Keppel Land Limited and Cisco Systems, Inc., have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to leverage on their respective expertise and synergies to create cost-effective quality Internet-powered properties which will utilize leading-edge communications technology to enhance the e-lifestyle in Asia.

This collaboration to enhance the e-lifestyle for the Asian region will be between Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, and KeplandeHub Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Land. KeplandeHub, Keppel Land's technology spinoff, is poised to capitalize on e-initiatives and associated infrastructure opportunities in Asia by developing in-house expertise, making strategic investments and forming alliances with technology and e-lifestyle service providers.

This is Cisco's first initiative to develop Internet Homes in Singapore and builds on recent projects in the US and the UK. In the US, Cisco recently announced it has developed an open Internet Home Platform for building high-speed, home networks and formed alliances with companies such as GTE, Sun Microsystems and Whirlpool to develop technologies and products for Internet Homes. In the UK, Cisco worked with an established real estate developer to build an operational Internet Home.

"This collaboration with Cisco Systems is a timely and significant development for KeplandeHub which we are positioning as Asia's gateway of leading edge technology relating to Internet-powered properties. It is an excellent springboard for KeplandeHub's wider e-initiatives.

"We have been very impressed with the speed that Cisco Systems develops and applies Internet technology which has contributed to their becoming the world leader in providing communication solutions for the Internet-empowered community. KeplandeHub will undoubtedly benefit from the access to their technology and contacts worldwide.

"KeplandeHub will be working actively with Cisco Systems to market and promote Cisco Systems Networking Solutions to empower Internet homes and offices both in Singapore and the region," said Mr Kevin Wong, Managing Director of Keppel Land.

Keppel Land intends to appoint KeplandeHub as lead manager to oversee the implementation of Internet Homes for the Keppel Harbour development and incorporate Cisco Systems networking solutions to the development.

Said Bill Chang, Managing Director, Singapore, Cisco Systems: "This is an important agreement for Singapore and the region as it promises to bring the Internet into the home in a way that goes beyond just dial-up access from a home computer. The vision that Keppel and Cisco share is one in which every device in the home is connected with high-speed, always-on Internet access. This vision can only be achieved through a combination of technology, integration, content and service provider partners, and this is why we have teamed up with companies such as GTE, Sun and Whirlpool in the US and from today, with KeplandeHub in Singapore.

"We have been impressed with the commitment and quality of the KeplandeHub team and look forward to working closely with them to create the e-lifestyle for Singaporeans and Asians, one home, one office and one network at a time."

To promote the Internet Home in Singapore and the region, KeplandeHub and Cisco will build a showcase here, which will also serve as a working platform for the parties as well as numerous other technology and lifestyle service providers. This Internet Home showcase is expected to be ready in the second half of the year.

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