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Cisco Systems Announces Availability of CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution

Cisco extends ecosystem to deliver end-to-end service level
May 08, 2000

Cisco extends ecosystem to deliver end-to-end service level management capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the availability of the CiscoWorks2000 Service Level Management Solution, allowing customers to monitor and validate business critical network service levels. Through an open standards-based XML interface, Cisco is enabling third party service management application integration, a critical component for end-to-end service level management.

As enterprise customers evolve to deploy and support emerging technologies such as VPNs, IP telephony and e-business solutions, assurance of network service availability is a requirement. Customer confidence that current network service levels are sustained while deploying new technologies is crucial. Service providers offering comprehensive network services to enterprises also realize that successful adoption is contingent on guaranteed service level availability. Enterprises also expect the ability to monitor and validate their network service levels end-to-end to ensure business objectives are met.

The CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution is comprised of a set of integrated tools for successful network service-level monitoring and management. Combining a set of open standards-based management API's, scalable service-level management applications, and third party product integration, enterprise customers can now measure and validate network services at every level of the network. This enables customers to more effectively manage them to maximize network performance.

"With our entire organization dependent on the availability and performance of our web-based business-critical applications, network service level monitoring is imperative," said David Langston Regional Director at Omega Service Industries, Integrated Digital Services Group a provider of data and communications services to the oil and gas production, utilities and manufacturing industries."The CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution gives us the ability to effectively measure service-level performance across our network and the assurance that our network services are operational for optimal business productivity. It has made the commonly burdensome task of managing and monitoring network service levels much easier."

With the CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution, a user defines their Service Level Contracts and associated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) through the CiscoWorks2000 Service Level Manager application via a web browser. The use of XML to define these agreements enables them to be shared between the service provider and the consumer using a common language. Users can monitor multiple service-level agreements simultaneously, through the collection of service metric data related to network latency, network services such as HTTP response times, and voice-over-IP.

The Service Level Manager application interacts with embedded Cisco IOS technologies via the Cisco Management Engine 1110 to obtain L3 and L4 service metric data from the network through synthetic testing and service performance monitoring. This information is sent back and stored in the Service Level Manager where the network administrator can generate customizable high-level and detailed reports.

This solution reinforces Cisco's continuing success with the Cisco Management Connection and implementation of the Management Intranet model. As no single vendor is able to monitor service-level data end-to-end, third party application integration is a critical component to successful management by service levels. The CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution enables third party integration via an open standards-based XML interface with ease and reinforces the Management Intranet model of deploying open standards-based network management environments. This creates integrated solutions for service management, end-to-end service level views, and encourages development of standards-based applications. Now both enterprise service management application vendors and systems integrators can retrieve network-layer data in a consistent manner and establish standardization on SLA metrics.

The following vendors have announced plans to ship products by the end of 2000 integrated with the CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution:

Agilent, American Power Conversion, Avesta, BullSoft, Computer Associates, Compuware, Concord Communications, Desktalk Systems, Fluke, Fujitsu, HP, Integrated Research, Intellops, NetBrowser Communications, Nextpoint Networks, Paradyne, Precise Software, ProactiveNet, Response Networks, Trendium, Visionael, and Visual Networks.

"Enterprises implementing new network services and associated SLAs require capabilities that can effectively manage the end-to-end service level metrics associated with a continuously available, highly scalable network environment," said Amrit Patel, Product Manager at Cisco Systems. "The CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution provides customers with a set of tools that leverage the open standards-based network management technologies available today for true end-to-end service level management and monitoring."

Other components to the Service Management Solution include:

  • Service Assurance Agent (SA Agent) - Embedded in the Cisco IOS Software, this technology is used to measure a wide range of service level metrics
  • CiscoWorks2000 Server - Establishes base-level services such as server desktop, database, polling engine, inventory management, and Web server software
  • 3rd Party Development Kit - Enables third party integration with the Service Management Solution via industry-standard XML.

Pricing and availability

The CiscoWorks2000 Service Management Solution will be available in early June for $14,995 USD. It is designed to complement other products in the CiscoWorks2000 family.