News Release

Cisco Introduces Cable Headend and Cable Modem for OpenCable/DVB/DAVIC-based Cable Operators

Cable headend supports set-top boxes and cable modems on a single system
May 08, 2000

NEW ORLEANS (NCTA), May 8, 2000 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today introduced the Cisco INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter and the Cisco DVB CAR100 Series Cable Access Router, both based on the Digital Video Broadcasting / Digital Audio Video Council (DVB/DAVIC) standards. The INA2320 also supports the CableLabs'. OpenCable initiative.

"The INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter is a highly scalable and cost-effective system for deploying multiple services via both set-top-boxes and cable modems," said Gregers Kronborg, director and general manager for Cisco's cable products and services group in Copenhagen, Denmark. "Together with the DVB CAR100 Series Cable Access Router, Cisco provides cable service providers with a complete, advanced, routed cable modem system."

The Cisco INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter is a headend unit that controls two-way broadband data communication over the cable network. Because it manages both In-Band and Out-of-Band data communications, the Cisco INA2320 allows cable operators to manage cable modems and set-top boxes on the same network. The Cisco INA2320 is optimized for high-speed Internet access through cable modems or interactive services through digital set-top boxes.

The Cisco DVB CAR100 Series Cable Access Router, a broadband cable customer premises device, is connected to the headend over the HFC network. The device will enable the cable service provider to deploy advanced services such as audio and video streaming, interactive education and entertainment, telecommuting, distance learning and LAN-to-LAN connections.

"Cisco's addition of a DVB/DAVIC headend to our cable headend product line demonstrates our commitment to creating a market based upon open standards and multivendor interoperability," said Paul Bosco, vice president and general manager of Cisco's cable product and solutions group. "The breadth of our product line, which contains products and solutions based on all major cable standards, allows cable service providers to deploy multiple services today or add them to their service offering as their customer needs change."

With the Cisco INA2320 and uBR7200 series, the Cisco DVB CAR100 Series creates a complete cable modem system featuring interoperable headend, router and customer premises equipment (CPE). In addition to DVB / DAVIC, the Cisco INA2320 is compliant with OpenCable and EuroModem specifications. The Cisco DVB CAR100 Series is compliant with EuroModem.

"The Cisco INA2320 allows us to broaden our customer base by offering value-added services such as Virtual Private Networks and interactive television," said Preben Thomson, technology manager for cable TV at Forsyningen Esbjerg, a leading service provider based in the western region of Jutland in Denmark. "In addition, we are ensured interoperability because Cisco's supports an open, standards-based infrastructure."

The Cisco INA2320 is a modular system built into a standard 19" chassis. It includes a CPU module / network interface, one modulator unit, up to two demodulator units (each supports up to four upstream channels), two up-converters (any combination of VHF or UHF) and a switch-mode power supply. The Cisco DVB CAR100 Series is a static router between the cable network and the Ethernet with a number of PCs connected. It enables bi-directional data communication at high bit rates and is connected to the Cisco INA2320 over the cable network.

The introduction of the Cisco INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter and Cisco DVB CAR100 Series Cable Access Router follows last year's acquisition of Denmark-based Cocom, a leader in Internet access solutions over cable networks based on DVB/DAVIC standard. Cisco is the first vendor to support all major open standards, including Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS), EuroDOCSIS, DVB/ DAVIC, Digital Video System-167 (DVS-167) and the CableLabs'. OpenCable initiative.

Availability and Pricing

Both the Cisco INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter and Cisco DVB CAR100 Series Cable Access Router are orderable immediately. The Cisco INA2320 is priced beginning at $54,300 list price. The Cisco DVB CAR100 Series has a list price of $485.