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Cisco Announces First Comprehensive Digital Set-Top Infrastructure Solution Supporting all Major Standards

Broad Standard Support Enables Full Spectrum of Interactive Services Via Digital Set-Top Boxes
May 08, 2000

NEW ORLEANS (NCTA), May 8, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a comprehensive open standards-based digital set-top infrastructure solution that will allow cable service providers to offer their customers a wide variety of interactive digital services via digital set-top boxes.

The solution allows cable service providers to deploy interactive cable services such as web surfing, email, TV-commerce, video gaming and enhanced TV to improve their customers' cable TV viewing experience. By delivering a new generation of interactive services, Cisco's solution gives cable service providers the ability to expand their service offerings, diversify their revenue streams, be more competitive and better retain customer loyalty.

"Cisco's digital set-top infrastructure solution integrates with our widely-deployed broadband data solutions and our packet-based voice solutions," said Paul D. Bosco, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Cable Business Unit. "By simplifying deployment via a single, powerful network infrastructure for the integrated delivery of multiple services, Cisco helps cable service providers deploy value-added, cost-effective services."

Unlike proprietary architectures, Cisco's digital set- top infrastructure solution is compatible with all major standards. Cisco's solution supports Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS), EuroDOCSIS, Digital Video Broadcasting Project / Digital Audio Video Council (DVB/ DAVIC), and Digital Video System-167 (DVS-167) and is compatible with the CableLabs'. OpenCable initiative. The open architecture allows cable service providers to deploy digital set-top boxes over the same network as cable modems and other standards-based devices.

"Cisco simplifies the deployment of entertainment services because its solutions are pre-packaged, pre-integrated, and based on open rather than proprietary standards," said Peter Hall, chief technology officer of Telewest Communications, the UK's leading broadband services provider. "Their solutions allow us to bring new services to market very quickly and reduce maintenance costs. The UK cable market is very competitive, and Cisco's end-to-end architecture allows us to compete and win."

Cisco's end-to-end digital set-top infrastructure solution includes a variety of products, from the network backbone to the regional data center and headend to the customer premise equipment to solutions from New World Ecosystem partners. Cisco products included in the digital set-top box architecture include:

  • Cisco uBR7200 Universal Broadband Router product family - Cisco's industry-leading cable modem termination system (CMTS) for DOCSIS- and Euro-DOCSIS cable headends.
  • Cisco INA2320 Interactive Network Adapter - Also announced today, the Cisco INA2320 is an Interactive Network Adapter for DVB/DAVIC cable headends.
  • Cisco RateMux 6920 -- Statistical re-multiplexing solution for digital video management.
  • Cisco ONS 15454 -- Optical transport platform for integrated optical networking, SONET transport and multiservice interfaces that enables fast, efficient and cost-effective services.
  • Cisco GSR 12000 product family -- the only Internet routers in the industry that deliver required software services combined with scalability to terabit capacity.
  • Cisco Subscriber Registration Center - Cisco's solution for self-provisioning of standards-based devices
  • Cisco Cable Manager and Cable Troubleshooter -- integral software for network surveillance and RF troubleshooting

Cisco will also rely on its New World Ecosystem partners for best-of-breed products such as standards-based digital set-top boxes, middleware, and conditional access and billing systems. Cisco's solution is compatible with standards-based set-top boxes. Leading providers of set-top boxes include Pace Micro Technology plc, Sony Corporation of America, Motorola Inc. / General Instruments Corp., Philips Electronics, Sagem Group and Nokia.


All elements of Cisco's digital set-top infrastructure solution are orderable immediately.