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Metrodata is Launched, Colombia's First ADSL Network Based on Cisco DSL Products

For The First Time in Colombia, Consumers and Businesses Will Be Able to Take Advantage of New World Broadband Services While Using Their Existing Conventional Telephone Lines
Mar 30, 2000

CARTAGENA DE INDIAS, Colombia, March 30, 2000 - Cartagena Telecommunications Company, Telecartagena and Colombiatel S.A., an affiliate of the Japanese multinational Itochu Corp., today announced deployment of Colombia's first ADSL network based on DSL equipment from Cisco Systems, Inc. Network operations will begin immediately in the Cartagena metropolitan area. Known as Metrodata, the network will provide faster and better quality access to the Internet and the workplace through New World value-added services.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology, the fastest growing DSL development in the world, transmits digital data over copper telephone lines. By using traditional telephone lines to receive New World services, users do not incur additional expenses that involve large installation and operational costs or have to modify their existing connectivity structure.The Metrodata network is an end-to-end solution that uses industry-leading ADSL technology from Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. With extremely fast ADSL transmission speeds, Colombiatel will be able to offer services that include dedicated Internet access without telephone dial up, virtual private networks (VPNs) for both voice and data (and intranet and extranet access), video on demand, and differentiated Internet, point and multi-point videoconferencing.

In addition, Colombiatel will build an infrastructure that will allow them to become an Application Service Provider (ASP) to run applications on centralized servers from any remote client location. The Metrodata network consists of six access nodes at the main telephone exchanges in Cartagena where Cisco 6260 DSLams are installed, a broadband central concentration point with Cisco 6400 equipment, and ADSL reference 677 modems at client locations, which transfer information using DMT and G.lite technologies.

By virtue of this technology, Telecartagena and Colombiatel will have the first ADSL commercial network that will allow efficient development of e-business, e-commerce, and electronic data interchange (EDI) services for companies that are connected to the network in Cartagena. Financial, industrial, commercial and governmental sectors will ultimately benefit from these services through reduced costs and increased productivity.

"By using Cisco Systems' industry-leading ADSL technology, Telecartagena and Colombiatel are in a position to more efficiently use the installed infrastructure for providing clients with a comprehensive telecommunications package," said Josi Gsmez, Colombiatel's project manager in Cartagena.

"Cisco's high-speed, top-performing ADSL solution allows Colombiatel to deliver a broad variety of New World value-added services, which provides greater competitive differentiation as well as increased client loyalty," said Sergio Adames, general manager for Cisco in Colombia and Ecuador. "This technology places them at the forefront of the digital revolution by delivering high capability for new services to their clients."