News Release

MSI and Cisco Work Together to Deliver Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth on Demand to Businesses Nationally

MSI Certified as New Cisco Powered Network Member-Completes Funding Agreement
Feb 29, 2000

AUSTIN, Texas - February 29, 2000- MSI Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: MSIA), MSI, a premiere provider of broadband Internet infrastructure solutions, today announced that it is working with Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, to offer web hosting and co-location services utilizing MSI's Direct Optical Co-location Connection (DOCCT) technology to business customers nationally. MSI's DOCC technology enables customers to place their content inside the Internet as opposed to merely connecting to it. MSI has been selected and certified as a member of the Cisco Powered Network program. In addition, MSI and Cisco have agreed to terms of an initial lease financing agreement for $9.2 million which will enable the rapid deployment of MSI's expansion.

MSI is an Internet Infrastructure Provider (IIP) that offers virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand through its unique DOCC technology. As a certified Cisco Powered Network, MSI's customers know they will receive industry leading network services that are high-performance, customer- focused, reliable and secure. MSI is able to provide virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand by having direct fiber optic connections into GTE's Global Network Infrastructure (GNI) Internet backbone. The GNI is one of the largest Internet backbones in the world with a capacity of 10 Gigabits per second. GTE's relationship with MSI provides the technology to bypass congested and costly local loops. MSI exclusively uses Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancing equipment, and intrusion detection systems. MSI delivers unprecedented next generation broadband solutions to business customers based upon the proven superiority of the Cisco suite of network products and services. As end-users request more multimedia enriched Internet content, MSI, with the support and assurance associated with Cisco's products, will consistently be able to deliver scalable bandwidth to meet this exploding demand.

Use of the Internet as a network is growing increasingly mission-critical to businesses, therefore choosing the right outsourced infrastructure provider is becoming a key issue for customers. This need compounds as end-users adopt new high-speed Internet technologies and more businesses turn to the World Wide Web to gain market share. In such a competitive marketplace, eBusiness customers will be looking for recognizable guarantees of quality, security and fault tolerance. MSI adds to its success/credibility by delivering services based on a Cisco Powered Network.

"Selecting an infrastructure provider is a significant investment for a business to make and has a direct effect on the organization's success as the Internet becomes an everyday part of business, " said Robert Gibbs, CEO and president of MSI. "The Cisco Powered Network certification provides MSI a competitive advantage and offers our customers a guarantee of a top-level, business critical network infrastructure."

"As a new Cisco Powered Network member, MSI will provide customers with new levels of bandwidth on demand that are being required by Internet connections, said Larry Lang, vice president of service provider marketing for Cisco. "Teaming with Cisco to bring MSI's DOCC technology and data centers to market ensures customers of the highest quality services built on Cisco's high performance, reliable and secure components."

The Cisco Powered Network program is the network industry's highest standard that ensures the service quality of its elite group of members. By featuring the Cisco Powered Network branding on MSI marketing campaigns, MSI is assuring existing and potential customers that it is using predominantly Cisco technology end-to-end in its network architecture.