News Release

Glocalnet and Cisco Work Together to Deliver New World Voice Services

Cisco Powered Network to Deliver Advanced Voice over IP Services to Customers across Europe
Jan 17, 2000

LONDON, Jan. 17, 2000 - Glocalnet and Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that they are combining efforts to offer large scale Voice over IP services to business & consumer customers in Europe.With a Cisco Powered Network, Glocalnet is the first Service Provider worldwide to successfully launch a large scale IP Telephony Service in an Equal Access market. Following its success in the Swedish market, Glocalnet will now be looking to Europe.

The relationship highlights Glocalnet's and Cisco's focus on providing high-quality IP-based services for enhanced connectivity and network-based applications.

"Cisco shares our vision that the IP network is key to delivering intelligent services and providing our marketing partners with strategic competitive advantages," says Stefan Krook, CEO, Glocalnet. "By working with a leader such as Cisco, we can bring advanced, differentiated networking solutions to market with considerable speed."

"Glocalnet has proven their ability to deliver IP Telephony services in Sweden and their future in Europe will be interesting to follow," says Theo Wegbrans, Vice President of Cisco EMEA North. "Glocalnet 's relationship with Cisco will enable their customers and marketing partners, to be confident that Glocalnet delivers a high level of network interoperability, scalability and performance, as well as the ability to offer new, advanced and differentiated services."

As part of the Cisco Powered Network Program, Glocalnet will provide services based predominantly on Cisco equipment and software. Glocalnet's participation in the program - including use of the Cisco Powered Network logo to brand its services and marketing support materials - demonstrates Glocalnet 's ability to provide innovative services and industry-leading technology solutions.