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Cisco Systems Unveils CiscoWorks Windows 5.0

New version of CiscoWorks Windows provides enhanced network management capabilities for small to medium business networks and workgroups
Jan 10, 2000

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 10, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the availability of CiscoWorks Windows 5.0, providing customers with a cost-effective network management solution. Now including WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch, Inc., CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 combines enhanced functionality with greater management ease and simplicity.

"Monitoring live network information is of increased importance when access to critical applications and medical data is contingent on network uptime," said Nhan Vo, Duke University Health System, LAN/WAN Manager. "The CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 network management solution with the WhatsUp Gold monitoring and notification application provides us with an easy-to-use, comprehensive set of tools for our network management needs. I especially like the graphical views and notification functionality built into this solution."

With CiscoWorks Windows 5.0, customers have an enhanced set of tools for easy detection and resolution of network problems before they become critical. The inclusion of a new version of CiscoView in CiscoWorks Windows 5.0, provides simple but sophisticated monitoring and configuration of Cisco devices. This updated graphical management application displays multiple views of a full range of Cisco devices, alleviating operational complexity.

WhatsUp Gold, from Ipswitch, Inc. provides CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 with network-wide discovery, mapping, monitoring and notification capabilities. With real-time network status capabilities, customers can monitor all network hardware, printers, servers, and workstations from a single application.

"Today's small and medium business networks require efficient, easy-to-use network management solutions," said Roger Greene, president and founder of Ipswitch, Inc. "CiscoWorks Windows 5.0, in conjunction with WhatsUp Gold provides customers with a network management solution that reduces the complexities involved with configuring and monitoring a network. Customers now have a complete and customizable solution that enables them to manage and monitor their networks according to their specific needs."

Other components to the CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 include:

  • Threshold Manager: Threshold-setting and monitoring application for Remote Monitoring (RMON)-enabled Cisco devices. Reduces management overhead and improves trouble-shooting capabilities.
  • StackMaker: Allows combining of multiple Cisco devices into a single stack and visually manage them in a single window
  • Show Commands: Displays detailed router operational information without requiring complex Cisco IOS. commands.

"Cisco is committed to improving cost-of-ownership for customers of all sizes. CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 is a giant leap forward in both ease-of-use and breadth of management and breadth of management functionality," said Sylvia Clark, product manager at Cisco Systems. "As even smaller networks become business critical, users need tools for managing networks with minimal staff and training. Small to medium businesses, departmental users, mobile managers, and anyone needing a complete but simple set of tools will benefit from CiscoWorks Windows 5.0."

Pricing and Availability

CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 will be available mid-January for $1995 USD.