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Castel Teams Up With Cisco Systems to Provide Big-Agency Collection Results for Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.

Reliability Key to Increased Uptime, Collections Revenue, and Opportunity
Dec 14, 1999

MALDEN, Mass., Dec. 14, 1999 -- Berlin-Wheeler, Inc. is utilizing knowledge-based computer telephony integration (CTI) applications from Castel, a leading provider of CTI solutions, and the VCO./4K open programmable switch from Cisco Systems, to increase collections revenue and take advantage of new business opportunities. Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, Berlin-Wheeler has a history of using advanced technology to effectively compete in the collection business. It offers the standard inbound and outbound calling services to its general clients, as well as innovative services that verify appointments and schedule for patient transportation for health care groups.

"The Castel/Cisco solution is cost-effective for a medium-sized call center like Berlin-Wheeler," said Matt Wheeler, executive vice president of Berlin-Wheeler, Inc. "It gives us valuable benefits like high reliability, consolidated reporting, and system management as well as the flexibility to grow without changing the Castel system or our applications."

Open Programmable Switch Increases Overall Reliability and FunctionalityThe Cisco VCO/4K open programmable switch is designed to provide the advanced features required to support Berlin-Wheeler's unique, software-driven market offerings. Using a simple, clean client/server architecture, the programmable switch seamlessly integrates their agents to the necessary telephony-based services through their existing PBX. This architecture is implemented by providing host management of the Cisco VCO/4K switch using Castel's CTI software.

Berlin-Wheeler expects to see significant increases in application functionality with the Castel/Cisco solution. An example of this increased functionality is illustrated by the use of the Integrated Prompt and Record Card (IPRC) on the Cisco VCO/4K switch which plays recorded messages to answering machines, leaving specific information and a callback number for the party called. This frees agents for other calls, increasing productivity. The Castel/ Cisco solution also provides integrated telephony features, including intelligent and predictive dialing, automated inbound call handling with screen pops, host-directed routing, and agent-initiated telephony services.

The solution provides Berlin-Wheeler with open systems flexibility, allowing the company to use the same platform to deliver multiple calling services. Berlin-Wheeler's research identified that a major cause of lost revenue was missed appointments in addition to unpaid bills. As a result, their customer service representatives will use outbound calling features to verify doctors' appointments for health care groups in addition to providing traditional collection services.

"Berlin-Wheeler is a great example of how Cisco's New World ecosystem, with Castel as a representative member, enables businesses to improve existing processes as well as generate new revenue opportunities," says Theodore F. Cole, director of operations, Cisco Voice Application Partners. "The innovative applications that can be achieved with the Cisco VCO/4K switch bring great flexibility to call center environments."

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Castel develops, markets, and supports knowledge-based, CTI software application solutions that integrate with existing IBM AS/400 applications to manage outbound, inbound, and blended call handling. A total solution approach includes consulting, support, and training services.

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