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Digital Broadband Communications delivers DSL to New England on its "Cisco Powered Network"

WALTHAM, Mass. -- November 3, 1999 -- Digital Broadband
Nov 03, 1999

WALTHAM, Mass. -- November 3, 1999 -- Digital Broadband Communications, Inc., a next generation, DSL communications company, today announced a collaboration with Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, to be a "Cisco Powered Network" provider, deploying facilities-based services to New England.

Digital Broadband is combining its Cisco Powered Network services with a "best of breed" application vendor selection to aggressively address and simplify the complex networking requirements facing today's businesses, telecommuters and branch offices. The company is setting a new, unparalleled standard by providing a single point of contact for all telecommunicationsservices, supported by its 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week customer care center.

"We have planned, financed, designed, staffed, and built Digital Broadband Communications with one goal in mind -- meeting the demanding needs of large, medium, and small businesses for high value telecommunications services," said Mark Dunn, senior vice president of operations, Digital Broadband Communications, Inc. "We have become a Cisco Powered Network because their equipment and support gives us the ability to meet all communications needs of business customers."

With Cisco Powered Network-certified services, Digital Broadband's customers know they will receive industry-leading network services that are easily customized and compatible with existing infrastructures. The superior end-to-end solution benefits customers by providing:

  • Improved interoperability
  • Easier adoption of new technologies and services
  • A highly secure network
  • Enhanced network availability, performance and reliability

"By providing Cisco high-speed DSL solutions as part of their broadband strategy, Digital Broadband is delivering a broad choice of value-added New World services that will help them achieve greater competitive differentiation and increase customer loyalty," said David Gudmundson, vice president and general manager of the DSL business unit at Cisco.

The Digital Broadband Communications solution is a true Cisco end-to-end network architecture using Cisco 8650 BPX ATM Switches and a full deployment of Cisco DSL products including Cisco 6400 universal access concentrators, Cisco 6100 series DSL access concentrators and Cisco 600 series DSL modems.

The Cisco Powered Network will enable Digital Broadband Communications to quickly and cost-effectively deploy, scale and manage DSL service to thousands of subscribers.

About Digital Broadband Communications, Inc.

Digital Broadband Communications, Inc. is a new generation communications company headquartered in Boston, Mass. For more information, please call 781-290-4000.

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