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New Cisco Network To Give France Tilicom Customers Reliable, Fast Platform for Internet Services

PARIS - Oct. 19, 1999 - France Tilicom is deploying a new
Oct 19, 1999

PARIS - Oct. 19, 1999 - France Tilicom is deploying a new IP-based network that will provide a platform for unique levels of first class services for its customers. The network, powered by 25 Cisco 12000 GSR and 200 Cisco 7500 high end routers from Cisco Systems, Inc., has more than 1 terabit of switching capacity to meet rapidly growing demand for bandwidth and high speed performance. As France's leading Internet provider, France Tilicom will offer comprehensive services, from basic Internet access for consumers to more sophisticated business services - in a fast, secure and reliable environment.

This deployment is the next step in bringing state-of-the-art networking opportunities to customers ahead of the market in a competitive environment following de-regulation of telecommunications.

Cisco's gigabit switch router technology has consolidated the three backbone networks previously operated by France Tilicom.

Cisco's Yvon Leroux, vice president, EMEA South Operations, commented: "IP technology has now fully emerged as the fastest, most reliable and dynamic way to transport voice and data applications over a high performance network - but its full potential will continue to evolve and develop. To succeed in this environment, Service Providers must be able to deliver the services that customers want right away, but also be prepared to embrace even more advanced services in the future.

By deploying Cisco 12000 GSR gigabit switch router technology throughout the consolidated core backbone based on high speed links, France Tilicom is giving his customers an excellent state of the art infrastructure so that they can experience the benefits of New World technology now.

France Tilicom's wholehearted commitment to the New World's IP based networks ensures that they are ideally placed to meet their customers' needs, now and into the future.

The Cisco 12000 GSR (Gigabit Switch Router)

Cisco's 12000 GSR gigabit switch router delivers Internet routing and switching at gigabit speeds. The Cisco 12000 GSR provides scaleable IP forwarding and services performance in a carrier-class platform, enabling high-speed IP backbones to scale to OC-12 (622 Mbps) and OC-48 (2.4 Gbps). Future GSR technology will support OC-192 (9.6 Gbps). With extensive redundancy and carrier-compliant equipment standards, the Cisco 12000 GSR series is specifically designed to provide the high reliability and availability required by high-speed service provider backbones.

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