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Mobilcom First to Adopt Cisco's SS7 Signalling Controller Solution in Germany

Geneva, - Oct. 19, 1999 - Independent German network
Oct 19, 1999

Geneva, - Oct. 19, 1999 - Independent German network operator MobilCOM has announced a technology implementation that provides optimised Internet dial access, enabling greater cost efficiency. MobilCOM has selected Cisco's SC2200 Signalling Controller, to overcome the need for switching ports to transfer traffic onto access servers between networks. The Cisco SC2200 Signalling Controller enables a more reliable, cost-effective and efficient service for MobilCOM customers. This is the first deployment of its kind in Germany, resulting from a MobilCOM and Cisco relationship.

MobilCOM sees the implementation of the Cisco SC2200 Signalling Controller as a significant step in the move from 'old world' voice switches to the 'new world' of open packet telephony, where voice is regarded as one of a diverse set of integrated communication services across a multi-service network infrastructure. Since de-regulation of the telecommunications industry throughout Europe, independent carrier companies such as MobilCOM have seen an opportunity to compete for revenues within Internet-access markets that were previously unobtainable. However, to comply with PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) interconnection standards in general - and the SS7 voice protocol layer in particular - a viable network interface solution is fundamental. The Cisco SC2200 provides that solution, enabling MobilCOM to offer wholesale dial-up Virtual Private Network (VPN), and dial-up Internet access services to its customers ahead of the competition.

In addition to opening up new markets, optimising the network and enhancing service quality, deployment of the Cisco SC2200 solution also offers MobilCOM significant cost savings thanks to its ability to automatically re-route traffic when particular network switches are overloaded. This means that distributed dial-up resources are exploited more effectively and more cost-efficiently.

"For a carrier, migration to new world technology is chiefly about being able to offer a much richer range of top quality, high performance services to our customers, and ultimately the end users. The first step of our move into the new world was the deployment of an IP+ATM backbone network based on MPLS. We worked closely with Cisco on that and our choice to use the Cisco SC2200 Signalling Controller is the next step. Our confidence lies with Cisco because it has a clearly defined roadmap that integrates distributed architectures with new world services, and can today offer a complete, workable solution," explains Gerhard Schmid, chief executive officer of MobilCOM.

Commenting on the company's continued success in the dial-offload marketplace, Paul Mountford, vice president, Service Providers, Cisco Systems EMEA, said. "The flexibility of the software within the SC2200 Signalling Controller solution, coupled with our comprehensive range of access server products, enables Cisco to support the full range of existing global protocol variants immediately. In addition, we can work quickly to support new protocols as they emerge. Our demonstrable track record of deployments within service providers also builds the confidence of new customers. It is very gratifying to be part of MobilCOM's push into the German marketplace."

Cisco SC2200 Signalling Controller

The Cisco SC2200 signalling controller has SS7 signalling link set interfaces which provide connectivity to the SS7 network. These links carry the call control signalling from the PSTN for the access servers. The Cisco SC2200 provides the market's most flexible programmable protocol solution, enabling rapid customisation and delivery of C7/SS7 protocol variants. The Cisco SC2200 platform runs on Sun Solaris, and is available in four configurations to ensure full scalability across single and dual hosts. In addition to SS7 protocol functions, the Cisco SC2200 provides system resource management and monitoring, call control, usage measurements, and fault indication capability.

About MobilCOM

The MobilCOM AG is one of the most successful private telephone companies in Germany. The company group concentrates its core business in the areas of mobile network, fixed-network and Internet. The foundation for the success of MobilCom lies in its unique customer-oriented products and services, the willingness to act unconventionally and the courage to risk innovation. MobilCOM's strong management team brings experience and vision together in an ideal manner to its corporate development. With the purchase of topnet AG, a Krefeld network service provider, and DINO-Online, an Internet search service, MobilCOM has created the basis for an own Internet service and secured its path for the future. The 1991 founded MobilCOM company group is headquartered in Schleswig. Additional offices are located in B|delsdorf, Krefeld and Hallbergmoss.

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