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ITXC Adds Cisco VoIP Gateway Support to

International Cisco-Based Traffic Already Commercial
Oct 25, 1999

Princeton, NJ -- October 25, 1999 -- ITXC Corp (NASDAQ: ITXC), the tier one carrier of Internet telephony, today announced the addition of Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) Voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways to - the company's global Internet telephony network. Traditional carriers, PTTs, resellers, ISPs and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) can now use Cisco's 3660 series Multiservice Modular Access Routers for international analog use and AS5300 Voice Gateways for digital use to connect to and offer voice, fax and enhanced services over the Internet.

"We are delighted ITXC has added support for Cisco voice gateways," said Alistair Woodman, Director of Marketing for Packet Telephony at Cisco. "Local and regional carriers using Cisco gateways can now use the ITXC network to immediately offer international calling. ISPs using Cisco access servers and routers can add a new source of income by adding packet telephony interfaces and terminating VoIP calls originated around the world on the ITXC network."

"ITXC currently operates a global Internet telephony network of over 120 IP PoPs," said John Musci, COO of ITXC Corp. "Cisco has one of the largest installed bases of IP telephony gateways. The combination of new scalable, reliable and supported gateway platform with a large installed base and the ITXC large and growing network will increase the traffic to our termination points and give call originators even more locations which they can reach over the Internet. Our affiliates have been asking us to add Cisco to our network and we are pleased to be able to support their needs."

Several PoPs are now exchanging commercial traffic using the Cisco platform. One of the largest is Moscow-based MTU-Inform Company, Ltd., an international telecommunications carrier. They currently use Cisco AS5300 Voice Gateways in their local telephone network in Russia. Through its relationship with ITXC, MTU has now added an income opportunity by terminating voice and fax calls bound for Russia and is expected to begin offering international calling over in the near future.

"MTU finds the Cisco AS5300 gateways a reliable and scalable platform upon which we can build our local and now international business," said Dimitri Gromov, Director of Carrier Relations at MTU. "Working together with leading companies like Cisco and ITXC, we feel confident that we can build the type of network that allows us to grow at the speed and with the reliability we need."

Key to ITXC's support for Cisco is the interoperability between Cisco voice gateways and VocalTec H.323 gatekeepers. This allows ITXC's customers to take advantage of Cisco's price-performance, scalability, and carrier-class reliability, while fully leveraging ITXC's existing investment in footprint, management and value-added services built on VocalTec. Both vendors have announced that they will be iNOW! compliant in the near future, thereby allowing traffic flow betweeen their gateways and those of the other vendors already deployed in

As part of its support for Cisco voice gateways, ITXC has selected Equant, a Cisco certified distributor, who offers special turn-key ordering, ITXC pre-configured gateways, shipping, and customs processing, as well as on-site installation and support programs for easy worldwide deployment. For more information on the deployment of Cisco gateways on, please review under the First Steps and Affiliate Offers sections.

About ITXC:

ITXC Corp is the tier 1 carrier of Internet telephony. is the infrastructure for voice on the Internet with over 120 IP PoPs in 75 cities and 37 countries. Network affiliates include international carriers, ISPs, and newly formed Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs.) Key affiliates include Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, China Telecom, GTS, Japan Telecom and Korea Telecom among others.

ITXC sells international voice and fax call completion and enhanced telephony services including international toll free calling to carriers, PTTs, and resellers. These services are routed over using the public Internet and ITXC's patent pending BestValue RoutingTM technologies to assure quality.

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