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InfoVista Leads SLM Industry with the Integration of Cisco Netflow

Cisco IOS. Software NetFlow Accounting Information and Reporting Brought to Telco, ISP and Enterprise Customers
Oct 26, 1999

COLOMBIA, Maryland-October 26, 1999-InfoVista, a global leader in business-oriented Service Level Management (SLM) reporting and analysis solutions, today announced the availability of the integration of Cisco NetFlow information with InfoVista's Service Level Management and Reporting system. Driven by demand from service providers and large enterprises world-wide, InfoVista has developed an interface to Cisco NetFlow software, allowing customers to extend current InfoVista SLM reporting capabilities to leverage NetFlow-based accounting information. The integration of NetFlow information into the InfoVista SLM system software becomes the latest of InfoVista's interoperability efforts with Cisco products which have included numerous plug and play reports (VistaViews) for Cisco networking environments, support for Cisco IP Accounting, Cisco Remote Ping for distributed WAN latency measurement and the recently announced support for CiscoWorks 2000 SLM. InfoVista has also received Cisco Management Connection certification.

Stressing the importance of a comprehensive view of information flow and performance within an organization, Alain Ries, InfoVista Managing Director, Business Development and Partnerships, added, "This is a new step in our strategy to provide our customers with analysis and reporting information throughout the enterprise. This effort is another example of our close collaboration with companies such as Cisco and of our intent to respond to the evolving needs of our service provider and enterprise customers throughout Europe and the US."

"Our common customers were the drivers behind the effort to integrate Cisco NetFlow information," stated Manuel Stopnicki, InfoVista Chief Technology Officer. He continued, "Our flexible product architecture and smart software are the reasons why we are able to rapidly respond to our customers' needs."

"Many service providers and enterprise network managers recognize that their competitiveness is linked directly to maximizing usage of the network infrastructure," said Dave Rossetti, vice president and general manager of Cisco's IP Internet Services Unit. "Therefore, access to data to perform trend analysis, capacity planning and traffic prioritization is critical. By leveraging the information Netflow software provides, InfoVista can enhance the analysis and reporting information its products deliver to customers."

InfoVista's integration of Cisco NetFlow information consists of the smart consolidation and management of high-volume NetFlow accounting data and its meaningful presentation alongside network performance and vitality information. This smart consolidation technology is implemented through the InfoVista NetFlow Agent. The NetFlow Agent leverages the existing InfoVista reporting infrastructure and uses a distributed architecture for smooth evolution from small to large-scale implementations.

Service providers and ISPs have applauded InfoVista's integration of Cisco NetFlow information. Of particular interest to them is the ability to represent and analyze data for traffic flows by source and destination autonomous system number, average packet size and protocol used. With this information, the service provider can optimize its existing connections with other autonomous systems, charge back and provide value-added services to other service providers by giving them access to meaningful AS-AS flow information reports.

An upcoming version of InfoVista's NetFlow Agent will offer even greater possibilities for reporting, including type-of-service data, and source and destination IP-address tracking. This additional data will be especially appealing to enterprises with large, distributed networks.

NetFlow information is available immediately as part of the InfoVista Service Level Management and Reporting System.

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InfoVista is a global provider of business-oriented Service Level Management and conformance solutions for Information Technology (IT) organizations, telcos, outsourcers, and network service providers. InfoVista collects and interprets data from every facet of the IT infrastructure, including network, device, applications, and systems. Using intelligence-based software and leading search and database technology, InfoVista provides a reporting and knowledge management tool that renders a uniform view of service level achievements across every component within an information system, as well as the ability to correlate that information with other business information throughout an organization.

InfoVista Corporation is a privately held international company that was founded in 1995 by network management and object technology experts. The company is a recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Best of Show Award at Networld+Interop, as well as a Hot Product of the Year Award from Data Communications magazine. InfoVista has also received CMC (Cisco Management Connection) certification by Ciscofor product integration with CiscoWorks 2000. More information on InfoVista and its products can be found at

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