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NetAid To Be Largest Syndicated Radio Broadcast Ever

The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow and Jewel Added To Perform In NY
Sep 28, 1999

Michael Douglas, Meryl Streep, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman and David Boreanaz To Participate In NetAid Program

September 28, 1999 -- Two weeks before its New York, London and Geneva concerts, NetAid reached a record milestone today with the announcement that the October 9 performances will be broadcast in over 120 countries and territories through syndicator Radio Express, making it the largest live radio broadcast of an event in history. The audiences in countries from Austria to Zimbabwe will be treated to an even more spectacular line-up with the addition of new musical talent like The Black Crowes, Jewel and Sheryl Crow. Also appearing live on stage or in taped segments are a number of film and television stars including Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Natalie Portman, David Boreanaz and Ashley Judd.

"This record breaking radio broadcast will enable NetAid to reach and connect the developing world which relies on radio, with the industrialized nations as never before," said Mark Malloch Brown, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). "This will help create a truly global force to fight poverty."

NetAid is a long-term initiative created by Cisco Systems and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to help end the growing problem of extreme poverty. NetAid will bring together for the first time the power of the Internet, the global reach of television and radio, and the energy and impact of world-renowned artists and producers to inspire action against one of the world's most serious problems. President Clinton, British Prime Minister Blair and former South African President Nelson Mandela made the first hits on the NetAid web site,, the world's most powerful site, on September 8.

In addition to the radio broadcasts, more than 25 countries will carry the concerts on television with the help of TV syndicator NBD, including VH1 and MTV in the US, and BBC in the UK. The list of stations and countries for both the radio and television broadcasts can be found on the NetAid web site, The entire program also will be webcast live with the help of Real Networks on two channels - one carrying the concert, the second showing backstage scenes.

The concerts will begin at 5pm EDT in New York, 5pm local time in London and 10 pm local time in Geneva. The current lineup of artists scheduled to perform October 9 at each venue includes:

Giants Stadium
The Black Crowes
Mary J. Blige
Busta' Rhymes
Cheb Mami
Sheryl Crow
Counting Crows
Wyclef Jean with Bono
Jimmy Page
Puff Daddy
Wembley Stadium
Bryan Adams
David Bowie
The Corrs
The Eurythmics
George Michael
Robbie Williams
Palais des Nations
Bryan Ferry
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Michael Kamen & Orchestra

Also new to the Giants Stadium show is Academy Award-winning actress, Meryl Streep, who will be appearing on stage as will television star David Boreanaz. Academy Award-winning actor, Michael Douglas will be appearing on stage at Wembley Stadium as will well-known actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In addition to the live performances, many of the artists involved with NetAid will also narrate short documentary packages about successful anti-poverty programs produced by Academy Award winner, June Beallor. These artists include Meryl Streep and film stars Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ashley Judd. These packages will help educate the NetAid audience about extreme poverty and also drive traffic to the web site.

Don Listwin, Executive Vice President of Cisco Systems said, "NetAid will help harness the power of the Internet, radio and television to create a global Internet community to fight poverty. This unique collaboration between government, business, and entertainers will help us achieve our goal of generating a million actions towards eradicating extreme poverty."

In related developments, NetAid also announced that San Francisco advertising agency, Goldberg Moser O'Neill, on a pro bono basis, has secured over $400,000 worth of domestic ad space to promote NetAid. Publications as varied as Time, Forbes, USA Today, Rolling Stone and many others responded. The agency also produced a Public Service Announcement that is being provided to the broadcast media to generate interest in the concerts and drive Internet traffic to Copies of the PSA are available by emailing Jules Vieaux at

More than one billion people around the world live in extreme poverty, on less than the equivalent of $1 per day. NetAid will help channel support and activism to address several key issues that are major causes of extreme poverty, including: basic needs such as food and shelter, helping refugees and other displaced victims of war and disasters, securing human rights, preserving the quality of the environment and natural resources and relieving debts of poor nations.

Through a unique network of 134 country offices, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) helps people in 174 countries and territories to help themselves, focusing on poverty elimination, environmental regeneration, job creation and the advancement of women. In support of these goals, UNDP is frequently asked to assist in promoting sound governance and market development and to support rebuilding societies in the aftermath of war and humanitarian emergencies. For additional information visit

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