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Cisco will be Demonstrating Interoperability Between the ISR 3303 Integrated SONET Router and the Cerent 454 Evolutionary Optical Transport Platform.

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Sep 27, 1999

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  • WHO: Cisco Systems, Inc. and Cerent Corp.

  • WHAT: Cisco will be demonstrating interoperability between the ISR 3303 Integrated SONET Router and the Cerent 454 evolutionary optical transport platform. The demonstration will focus on the ability of the ISR 3303 to provide IP data transport using Wideband Packet-over-SONET on an OC-3 UPSR ring subtended from Cerent 454 hubbing nodes. In addition, this demonstration will illustrate SIF compliant DCC-based management of the network of ISR 3303s through the Cerent 454 OC-48 backbone.

  • WHEN: September 27-29, 1999

  • WHERE: Cisco Systems booth #371 at NFOEC, McCormick Place, Chicago IL

    The demonstration will illustrate how the Cisco ISR 3303 and the Cerent 454 can be deployed together to facilitate the provisioning of both leased-line (DS1) and high-margin IP service over a single optical network infrastructure. Because it uses standard Wideband Packet-over-SONET, IP traffic sourced by the ISR 3303 can be terminated in any ISP POP router which supports ML-PPP on channelized DS3 interfaces. This point-to-network architecture is evident in the demonstration, which also exploits the Cerent 454s ability to drop DS1s directly from an OC-48 BLSR, thereby eliminating the need for a separate wideband digital cross connect.

  • ABOUT THE ISR 3303:
    The ISR 3303 is a carrier-class SONET/SDH access device which combines the powerful routing features of Cisco IOS with the ring access capabilities of a SONET/SDH Add-Drop Multiplexer. Additional information about the ISR 3303 can be found at

About Cerent

Cerent Corporation is the revolutionary network element delivering next-generation transport network solutions today. The Cerent 454 is the first evolutionary optical transport platform that supports any network traffic type on demand over any optical bit rate including DWDM at a dramatically lower cost than traditional transport solutions. Cerent products solve the transport bottleneck and evolve to the optical networks of the Internet era. Cerent announced on August 26, 1999 that it will be acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. to be the cornerstone of Cisco's entrance into the optical transport market. Information about Cerent can be found at:

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Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is theworldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

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