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Cisco Further Extends Its DSL Leadership as Cutting-Edge ISPs Select Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator for Rapid Deployments and Value-Added Services

Scalability, Service and Support, Management and Reliability Cited as Key Cisco Strengths
Sep 07, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- September 7, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that four leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have chosen the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator to provision and aggregate high-speed DSL service to their customers. Bell Atlantic Data Solutions Group (DSG), Zyan Communications, DSLnetworks and Texas.Net have all chosen the product to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver a new generation of on-demand, high-speed high quality networking services. Their customers include other ISPs buying wholesale DSL services for resale and end users that want high-speed data services for Internet access and telecommuting.

"The Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator has become the market-leading DSL aggregation device of choice, with over 50 service providers worldwide deploying the product," said Enzo Signore, Director of Marketing for the DSL and Systems Software Business Unit at Cisco Systems. "It continues to garner new customers who want to move into the broadband era, own the user experience and rapidly build profitable service-based New World networks."

The Cisco 6400 universal access concentrator takes data streams from multiple DSL subscribers, grooms the traffic and terminates it at the edge of the ISP network then connects subscribers to premium Internet services. The product enables service providers to quickly and easily scale and manage service to thousands of subscribers, increasing the cost-effectiveness of their deployments. It also allows them to move beyond simple high-speed "transmission only" deployment to providing value-added services that can help them achieve greater competitive differentiation, build customer loyalty and greatly increase their revenue.

Bell Atlantic DSG Uses Cisco 6400 to Reliably Aggregate DSL Traffic and Provide Wholesale Services

The Global Networks team from Bell Atlantic DSG, a subsidiary of Bell Atlantic is building an infrastructure to support long-distance voice and data services to be offered by Bell Atlantic once the corporation receives regulatory relief. Global Networks is deploying the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator in POPs throughout the East Coast to aggregate PPP sessions for Bell InfoSpeedSM DSL subscribers, and to provide managed and wholesale DSL services to businesses and smaller ISPs who outsource their DSL networks to Bell Atlantic Data Solutions Group.

"In our evaluation of products from various vendors, we were looking for a telco class DSL aggregation device that would fulfill our scalability and redundancy requirements," said Joe McMahon, VP of IP Engineering and Operations for Bell Atlantic DSG. "Cisco provided a complete solution in terms of DSL scalability, redundancy and reliability, and we also expect it to integrate into our management infrastructure very easily and to minimize the need for additional training of our personnel."

Zyan Standardizes on Cisco Product to Deliver Customized Web Portals to Teleworkers

Zyan Communications, an advanced data and IP communications company headquartered in Los Angeles, is replacing existing DSL aggregators and standardizing on the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator in its nationwide rollout of business-class DSL services. The company is using the integrated WebSelection, MultiDomain, and accounting software options on the product to deliver seamless high-speed Internet and corporate network access to teleworkers and remote offices via customized web portals. Zyan also plans to use the integrated functions to deliver other value-added services such as managed VPNs, Voice over IP services, video teleconferencing and security products.

Terry Lee, CEO of Zyan Communications explained the company's decision to standardize their aggregation services on the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator. "The Cisco 6400 product delivers the greatest scalability, manageability and flexibility we've seen to deliver business-class services," said Lee. "Cisco is the leader in the networking industry and its commitment to quality and service will help further our ability to deliver unparalleled customer service and support."

DSLnetworks Selects Cisco 6400 for Service, Support, Efficient Management and Provisioning

San Francisco-based ISP DSLnetworks is a national provider of end-to-end DSL service to enterprises, ISPs and Application Service Providers (ASPs). The company has begun replacing existing DSL aggregators with Cisco 6400 universal access concentrators to achieve more efficient management and provisioning capabilities. DSL Networks is deploying the product in data centers throughout the country to terminate and aggregate DSL connections from the DSLAMs of CLECs and RBOCs with whom they partner.

"We took a long, hard look at all of the aggregation products available and determined that Cisco offers a superior level of service and support," said Brad Connors, President and CEO of DSLnetworks. "We also recognized that with the sophisticated and easy-to-use, integrated Service Connection Manager capabilities of the Cisco 6400 product, we'll be able to remotely provision and manage all of the systems' functionality while reducing deployment and operations costs and minimizing set-up time."

Texas.Net Appreciates Value Cisco 6400 Delivers for Deploying High-Bandwidth Services

In June,, a pioneering ISP serving cities throughout Texas, launched DSL service to residential and business customers in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth using Cisco 6400 universal access concentrators to aggregate ATM and PPP traffic. is serving every category of end-user including residential consumer, small/medium business, telecommuter, branch office and enterprise. The Cisco product will allow the company to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and scalable bandwidth while delivering integrated data, voice and video applications such as high-speed Intranet/Internet access, video-on-demand, desktop videoconferencing, secure VPNs and distance learning.

"We needed a dense DSL aggregator that would deliver value by enabling us to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively roll out profitable new broadband services over DSL and stay at the top of the market," said Ron Yokubaitis, Chairman of "The Cisco 6400 product delivers ATM switching and routing capabilities in a single box, along with the reliability and scalability we needed. And by building our DSL service on an industry leader with a proven track record of quality and performance, we're able to deliver the high level of service and support our customers have come to expect. Our experience over the last five years deploying Cisco products is that the hardware and software are ready to work right out of the box - the first time."