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Cisco Launches the Security Associate Program

17 Charter Members' Products Proven with Cisco Security Solutions
Aug 09, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- August 9, 1999 -- Cisco Systems today announced the introduction of its Security Associate program focused on creating proven multivendor security solutions for New World networks. Seventeen network security companies comprise the program's charter membership. As the key element of this new program, Cisco will use an independent testing laboratory to validate the interoperability of Security Associate member products with Cisco security products, such as its market-leading PIX firewall and IPSec encryption offerings. This network-focused, testing approach helps Cisco and its Security Associate members jointly deliver comprehensive, effective solutions that will help secure mission-critical customer networks.

"Cisco is committed to ensuring that its customers can deploy secure, scalable, reliable networks and take full advantage of the Internet economy," said Elizabeth Kaufman, General Manager of the Cisco Security Internet Services Unit. "By verifying the interoperability of Cisco industry-leading security products with complementary, third-party offerings, the Security Associate program supercedes packaging and delivers proven solutions."

Cisco will use KeyLabs, an independent testing laboratory, to certify select third-party security products from leading vendors that interoperate and/or integrate with Cisco security products and network infrastructure. This focused testing is designed to evolve independent products into more effective security solutions and offer trusted and tested security implementations for Cisco customers.

Products included in the Security Associate program augment the robust security capabilities delivered by Cisco's firewall, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and infrastructure security offerings. The security solutions created through the program are focused toward critical business applications for the Internet economy, such as e-commerce, remote access, intranets, and supply-chain integration and management. The initial technology areas covered in the program include:

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • IPSec VPN client software
  • Management / reporting
  • Content filtering / virus scanning
  • Authentication
Other technology areas will be added to the program over time.

The 17 charter members of the Security Associate program are:

  • Content Technologies
  • CryptoCard
  • Data Fellows
  • Entrust Technologies
  • Finjan
  • Indus River
  • IRE
  • Network Associates
  • Open Systems Solutions
  • Security Dynamics
  • Telemate
  • TimeStep
  • Trend Micro
  • Verisign
  • Websense
  • WebTrends
  • WorldTalk
Cisco is currently evaluating additional companies for membership.

"The Security Associate program goes beyond marketing and instead molds individual products into comprehensive solutions through engineering design and testing," said Jack Guinan, President, ProxyMed, a leading provider of online clinical and financial electronic data interexchange to the health care industry. "We appreciate Cisco's efforts, and those of the program members, to conduct joint development and interoperability testing and believe it will lead to more effective and efficient means of securing networks for ProxyMed and networks at large."

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