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Cisco Announces New Cisco 1750 Platform Enabling Voice/Data Integration for Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprise Small Branch Office

Cisco 1750 Modular Access Router Delivers Flexibility, Cost Savings, Investment Protection and Multiservice Voice/Data Integration
Aug 09, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- August 9, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the new Cisco 1750 modular access router, extending the functionality of the award-winning Cisco 1700 series by adding support for multiservice voice/data integration. For small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise small branch offices that want to integrate voice capabilities into their existing data networks now or in the future, the Cisco 1750 provides a flexible, cost-effective migration path.

The Cisco 1750 expands the Cisco multiservice product portfolio to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise small branch offices. With support for a broad range of solutions spanning data-only to integrated voice/data, the Cisco 1750 provides customers the flexibility to tailor an access solution to suit their requirements today and cost-effectively upgrade the 1750 platform to enable new services as needed.

Businesses can reduce their operational costs and increase efficiency by integrating their voice, fax and data communications over a single data infrastructure. The Cisco 1750 modular access router enables them to do this as well as implement secure Internet/intranet access, virtual private networks, and broadband services such as DSL.

"The Cisco 1750 helps our business save communications costs by combining voice and data networks over wide area links between branches. In addition to supporting our intranet applications, we are routing voice over IP between offices and are realizing substantial savings on our voice toll charges," said Bradley Jones, network manager of Stuart Entertainment, Inc. "Because the Cisco 1750 is modular, we can to turn on additional applications and interfaces to accommodate changing requirements and growth."

Flexibility, Investment Protection and Multiservice Voice/Data Integration

The Cisco 1750 features a modular architecture, allowing customers to build solutions for today and cost-effectively add applications and services to accommodate changing requirements by simply adding new interfaces. The Cisco 1750 offers three modular slots for voice and data interface cards, an autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet port, an auxiliary port and a console port. A range of voice interface cards is available to support connections to PBXs, PABXs, key systems, fax machines and traditional phones.

The Cisco 1750 reduces customers' deployment and management costs by integrating best-in-class functions into one platform, including the integrated voice/data router, optional dynamic firewall, VPN tunnel server, data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU) and ISDN network termination-1 device (NT1).

For businesses with data networks that want to integrate multiservice voice/fax/video data integration now or in the future, the Cisco 1750 offers a flexible, cost-effective solution. The Cisco 1750 enables businesses to save long-distance interoffice billing costs by transporting voice traffic over the existing data network. Additionally, it works with the existing telephone infrastructure - phones, fax machines, key telephone systems (KTS) units and PBX - minimizing capital costs. With the new Cisco 1750 router, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise small branch offices can deploy key business applications such as e-commerce and customer relationship management to enhance business productivity and improve customer service.

Extending Cisco End-to-End Network Solutions

With Cisco IOS. technologies, the Cisco 1700 series delivers best-in-class functionality to build scalable networks that support new, leading-edge applications. As part of the comprehensive Cisco end-to-end networking solutions, the Cisco 1700 series enables businesses to extend cost-effective, seamless network access to the small branch office. With a modular architecture, Cisco 1750 shares voice-over-IP technology, voice interface cards and WAN interface cards with a wide range of access platforms. This helps customers simplify inventory needs and leverage information technology (IT) expertise across more devices in the organization.

"The Cisco 1700 series enables businesses to tailor access solutions to suit their needs today and cost-effectively implement new services including integrated multiservice voice/data applications and VPN access as needed," said Bruce Laird, senior director of marketing, Remote Internetworking Business Unit at Cisco Systems. "With the new Cisco 1750, businesses can embrace voice and data applications to transform the way they do business with customers, partners, suppliers and employees."

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