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China's Hunan Province Picks Cisco Systems and HP Partnership for Expansion of Province-Wide Internet Service

Cisco Connection Online - China BEIJING, China -- August 25,
Aug 25, 1999

BEIJING, China -- August 25, 1999 -- To meet increasing demand for Internet access in central China, Hunan Information Property Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hunan Posts and Telecommunications Bureau (PTB), has chosen a combination of products and services from Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard to upgrade its province-wide Hunan 163 network infrastructure.

Once installed, Hunan PTB's upgraded network will accommodate growth from 10,000 subscribers to 100,000. At present, PTB's provincial net is a part of the nationwide ChinaNet 163 network, which already supports more than 50 percent of China's Internet customers - almost 1,000,000 users, including corporate accounts and private dial-up customers.

Under terms of the agreement, HP and Cisco Systems will design and oversee the construction of a 14-city subscriber network based on an end-to-end networking solution from Cisco, including 7500 series high-end routers and Cisco 12008 Gigabit Switch Routers, as well as CiscoWorks software configured to support HP's OpenView network management software.

CiscoWorks manages Cisco routers and switches through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and provides the interface for a number of management applications including Configuration Builder, Show Commands, Health Monitor, and CiscoView.

Earlier this year, Hunan PTB was authorized by the Hunan provincial government to expand the capacity of its existing Internet network. Although Hunan province developed its Internet network fairly recently, rapid user acceptance has led to a demand for higher capacity in a very short time.

"Hunan is another excellent example of the pace of networking development in China," said Jia-Bin Duh, president of Cisco Systems in China. "The rapid growth in demand for Internet services will continue, and as we move towards the New World of telecommunications, demand for broadband networks that integrate voice, video and data traffic will continue to increase."

China Hewlett-Packard will be responsible for the system design and construction of the network, including setting up HP servers and installing Cisco networking equipment. HP's channel partner, Yinhua Bangxun, will provide local service and support.

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