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Cisco Systems Delivers Add-On Web-Based Application to CiscoWorks2000

Cisco Access Control List Manager Simplifies Design, Optimization and Deployment of Traffic Management Policies
Jul 20, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 20, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of Cisco Access Control List Manager (ACL Manager), an application that centralizes administration of access control lists. ACL Manager defines security and traffic control policies for management across Cisco devices with optimal scalability, reliability and ease.

Access control lists is the most commonly deployed technology for securing access to the Internet today. ACL Manager now provides scalable and consistent traffic management across multiprotocol extranet and intranet networks, enabling optimized and secure Internet usage.

"Cisco is delivering an excellent tool for managers familiar with access lists distributed across their Cisco network," said Kate Tallis, wide area network consultant for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C. "We save much time leveraging the intuitive intelligence of this product, which has allowed us to construct a more thoughtful, top-down approach of ACL policy management."

"ACL Manager builds upon the CiscoWorks2000 technology ensuring a comprehensive change management process," said John McCormack, senior product marketing manager of Enterprise Management for Cisco Systems. "We have enhanced CiscoWorks2000 with ACL management creating a unified system for network configuration."

ACL Manager improves the reliability of the network by providing accurate and consistent deployment of ACL filters across devices deploying Cisco IOS software. Customers will improve their management productivity through automatic updates and abstracted views of logical groupings of list entries. Now access list configurations for groups of users, devices and network services such as access servers, virtual private network (VPN) routers, Web servers and e-mail servers can be centrally managed through a template library. Security and traffic control policies dictated by ACLs can be easily updated through the automated deployment feature. Additionally, ACL Manager optimizes the contents of an access list by removing redundant entries and merging and consolidating access list entries thereby increasing the packet-forwarding speeds.

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