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Cisco Introduces IP-Enabled ATM Capabilities on Catalyst 8500. Series Multiservice Switch Router

New Features Provide Enterprise Users and Service Providers with High-Bandwidth Layer 3/ATM Convergence Capabilities Spanning the Campus, MAN and WAN
Jul 12, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 12, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced new high-speed network modules for the Catalyst 8500. Series multiservice switch router (MSR) platform. These new features provide increased scalability, the flexibility to deploy and manage Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Layer 3 networking in a single platform, as well as extensive quality of service (QoS), class of service (CoS) and access security across the network.

New features unveiled today include an ATM router module, an eight-port gigabit Ethernet line card, an access control list (ACL) daughter card and an OC-48c port adapter module. Demonstrating Cisco's commitment to ATM technology, these new capabilities represent the second series of enhancements to the Catalyst 8500 Series MSR announced in recent weeks. (See related press release, "Cisco Delivers Enhanced Capabilities on Catalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Router," dated July 1, 1999.)

"These new enhancements further extend the Catalyst 8500's existing best-of-breed capabilities for routing, gigabit ethernet switching and ATM switching," said Carl Engineer, director of marketing for the Catalyst 8500 platform. "The result is a single-platform solution that eliminates the technology choice dilemma faced by network managers and simplifies migration between technologies."

New High-Speed ATM Router Module for Enterprise Campus Networks

Now available on the Catalyst 8540 MSR platform, the new ATM router module is designed to ease the migration from ATM to gigabit ethernet within enterprise campus networks. Combining wire-speed Layer 2/Layer 3 switching and routing between ATM ports and high-speed ethernet ports, the ATM router module integrates Layer 3 and ATM switching fabrics in a single integrated platform. By merging these services into a common platform, the Catalyst 8500/ATM router module solution allows for fewer products in the network, simplified network designs and lower total cost of ownership.

Access Control List Daughter Card

New to the Catalyst 8500 Series, the access control list (ACL) daughter card provides an enhanced, policy-based management tool for converged network solutions. Leveraging Cisco IOS. to provide high-speed access control and security over Layer 3 traffic, the ACL card accommodates IP and IPX traffic and implements route filtering, source address port (SAP) filtering, media access control (MAC) layer filtering, as well as IP precedence QoS management.

Eight Port Gigabit Ethernet Line Card

Now available on the Catalyst 8540 MSR platform, the new eight-port gigabit ethernet line card provides a high-density, cost-effective interface for applications that require gigabit ethernet networking. An ideal solution for server farm aggregation and workgroup/departmental networking applications, this new module provides non-blocking, wire-speed local switching for all eight gigabit Ethernet ports, including routing capabilities to other interface modules on the Catalyst 8500 platform.

OC-48c Port Adapter Module

Providing industry-leading bandwidth and connectivity capabilities for unprecedented levels of service integration and performance, the Catalyst 8540 OC-48c module is a two-slot line card designed to meet the high-capacity requirements of large enterprise and service provider networks. It provides ATM Forum-compliant, industry standard UNI interfaces at both OC-48c and OC-12c rates for connection to campus and enterprise backbone networks, as well as to WAN connections. In addition, the OC-48c adapter allows the Catalyst 8540 platform to support a full family of ATM interfaces from OC-3c to 0C-48c.

About the Catalyst 8500 Series MSR

The Catalyst 8500 Series of multiservice switch routers integrates multiservice ATM switching with wire-speed multi-protocol routing and Layer 2 switching for gigabit ethernet in a single platform. Also supporting advanced Cisco IOS services for QoS and security, the Catalyst 8500 family delivers campus and metropolitan area network (MAN) solutions with scalable performance, lower cost of ownership and features intranet-based application features to deliver increased business productivity.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $25,000, the ATM router module will be available in September. Available now, the ACL daughter card is $4,000 for the Catalyst 8540. Also available now, the eight-port gigabit Ethernet line card starts at $20,000. Starting at $70,000, the OC48c port adapter module is available in September.

For additional ATM networking news, see related press release entitled "Cisco Extends Enterprise ATM Networking Solutions," dated July 12, 1999. Cisco will highlight the Catalyst 8500 at the Broadband Year '99 exhibition, held July 14 - 15 in San Diego, Calif. Press and analysts are invited to visit the Cisco booth, #800, at any time during the show.

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