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Cisco Announces New Multiservice Capabilities on Cisco 7200 Series Platform

New features facilitate migration to multiservice networking; provide a scalable enterprise central site multiservice solution
Jul 26, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 26, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced new multiservice gateway and gatekeeper capabilities on its Cisco 7200 Series routers. These new features, which include a high-capacity digital voice port adapter and H.323 gatekeeper, provide a scalable multiservice solution for enterprise central sites and create a smooth migration from legacy telephony to integrated data, voice and video networking.

These new features on the Cisco 7200 represent Cisco's continued delivery of comprehensive solutions that facilitate a cost-effective transition from existing data-centric networks to integrated multiservice networks. For central sites in enterprise networks, the Cisco 7200 now provides a single-point edge routing device for aggregating remote site multiservice routers such as the Cisco 2600, 3600 and MC3810 platforms. (For additional information on Cisco's new multiservice products, see related press release entitled "Cisco Delivers Five New Products Enabling Scalable Voice, Video and Data Integration," dated July 26, 1999.)

"The addition of multiservice capabilities to the Cisco 7200 Series is a significant advantage for Cisco in the rapidly evolving voice-data marketplace," said Jeremy Duke, President, Synergy Research Research Group. "Cisco is the only vendor to offer a platform that provides voice gateway and aggregation of multiservice WAN connections on this scale which will increasingly become a competitive advantage in selling to the service providers.

New Voice Port Adapter Provides Cost-Effective Multiservice WAN Solution

The new high-capacity digital voice port adapter delivers modular multiservice connectivity for medium to large enterprise networks with anywhere from a few to hundreds of remote sites. Serving as a scalable central site multiservice gateway solution, this new voice module on the Cisco 7200 platform provides the flexibility to use both voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and voice over frame relay (VoFR) connections over the wide area network (WAN). The new port adapter is fully interoperable with Cisco 2600, 3600 and MC3810 Series remote-site platforms and other standards-based multiservice endpoints.

Also available on the Cisco 7500 and 7100 Series platforms later this year, this voice module provides two T1 or E1 ports for connectivity to the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and up to 120 channels of voice compression for high-density voice termination. Multiple codec support, including G.723 and G.729, provides flexible voice support across the local area network (LAN) and WAN, while Multiservice Interchange (MIX) functionality allows a gradual migration from existing, legacy voice to packetized voice applications.

Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager For Secure, Reliable Data, Voice and Video Conferencing

Currently available on the Cisco 3600 and MC3810 platforms and new to the Cisco 7200 Series, the Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager leverages Cisco IOS(R) software to deliver H.323 integrated data, voice and video conferencing capabilities over existing networks. The Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager on the Cisco 7200 Series doubles the capacity of existing gatekeeper functionality, and simplifies management of voice and video conferencing on the network.

"With an increasing number of new shipments and over 50,000 units deployed in networks throughout the world, the Cisco 7200 Series is clearly a fast-growing, high performance WAN edge platform," said Seenu Banda, product marketing manager in Cisco's enterprise WAN business unit. "With the capabilities introduced today, the installed base of Cisco 7200 customers now has access to an ideal solution for large-scale multiservice networking."


Both available for the Cisco 7200 Series in August.

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