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Cisco Announces Network Management Specialization Program

Designed to Enable Channel Partners to Meet Demands of Network Management for the New Internet World
Jul 26, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 26, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced its Network Management Specialization Program, designed to provide Channel Partners with the knowledge and expertise to sell, design, install and support network management solutions for mission-critical and multiservice applications. The Network Management Specialization Program is the latest addition to Cisco's Channel Specialization Program, which spans five critical technology-focused areas necessary to meet the challenges poised by the complexity of New World technologies.

"As the network emerges as the cornerstone of conducting business, today's network environment is more powerful and complex than ever," said Tom Stevenson, vice president of Worldwide Channels at Cisco Systems. "The Network Management Specialization Program provides Cisco's channel partners with the skills, expertise and tools to develop their core strengths and keep pace with the speed at which network technology is changing. Using Cisco's suite of network management products, Cisco's specialized partners can provide customers with the network solutions they need to efficiently manage their networks."

Network management is critical to keep today's networks running at their peak efficiency. Controlled changes such as configuration modifications, software updates and cabling changes, as well as unexpected behaviors or failures can effect the efficiency of the network. The Network Management Specialization Program equips Cisco Channel Partners with the knowledge and expertise to successfully sell, design, install, and support solutions that enable customers to proactively manage their networks, reduce network downtime and increase productivity. The program enables Cisco Channel Partners to deliver value by coupling highly specialized skills and knowledge with Cisco's leading network management suite of products - Ciscoworks 2000, a suite of web based management tools designed to transform traditional network management by focusing on the strengths of Internet-based architectures. CiscoWorks2000 is based on Internet standards and technologies and enables IT administrators to auto-discover network devices, track and audit configuration changes, monitor and log device activity, track and monitor performance data and report on end-station connections.

"The Cisco Network Management Specialization program complements HP's commitment to provide leading edge solutions focused on managing customers' network environments," said Todd Reece, General Manager of HP's Network Services Operation. "The combination of this specialization with the HP OpenView Network and System Management tools strengthens our industry-leading network service and support capabilities to help customers build and manage their end-to-end mission critical infrastructure."

Cisco Network Management Specialization enables partners to differentiate themselves and significantly increase their value proposition in a highly competitive marketplace.

As a Cisco Network Management specialist, partners are listed on the Cisco Partner Locator web site that refers end users and customers to network management specialized partners. Partners can take advantage of tools and information such as a dedicated web site that features the latest voice product information; ongoing knowledge transfer, sales guides and tools marketing support, customer profiles, references and wins. Partners benefit from focused advertising and direct mail campaigns targeted at creating awareness of network management specialized partners.

Cisco Channel Specialization Programs

In addition to the Network Management Specialization Program, Cisco has introduced four additional programs including: SNA/IP Integration, Voice Access, Security and WAN:
  • Security: The Security Specialization Program enables the channel to expertly deliver complete Cisco security solutions that span Security Policy, Firewall and Virtual Private Network technologies, as well as Intrusion/Detection product installation and methodology.
  • SNA/IP Integration: The SNA/IP Integration Specialization Program assists channel partners with accelerating the migration of SNA networks to TCP/IP-based networks with Cisco solutions.
  • Voice Access: The Voice Access Specialization Program focuses on the deployment of voice technology, which is the initial building block in the New World of data, voice and video convergence.
  • WAN: Supporting Cisco's ATM and Frame Relay WAN switching and data-voice integration solutions, the WAN Specialization Program is focused on ensuring a level of expertise in the growing WAN switching segment of the global internetworking market.

Cisco channel partners can become specialized after completing specific personnel, infrastructure and support requirements. For more information on Cisco channel programs, visit

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