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Internetworking Systems Group Inc. Achieves Silver Certification from Cisco Systems

TORONTO, ON - June 28, 1999 - Internetworking Systems Group
Jun 28, 1999

TORONTO, ON - June 28, 1999 - Internetworking Systems Group Inc. announced today it has achieved Silver certification from Cisco System Canada Co. Silver certification status provides strong recognition of this company's continuous investment in Cisco Systems and leading internetworking technology for its customers. This commitment mirrors the efforts undertaken by Cisco to sell the network as a strategic business asset and to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction. The priority of all Cisco certification programs is to widely deploy and replicate quality user service and support to a global customer base.

"The purpose of the Cisco Silver Certification Program is to publicly recognize those Cisco channel partners who increase end-customer satisfaction by solving their business problems. These channel partners also understand the strategic business value of 'the network' and have the expertise to meet end-customer needs, " said Brent Rebus, Canadian channel operations manager for Cisco Systems Canada Co.

"Internetworking Systems Group Inc. achieved this certification because they demonstrated a commitment to understanding our technologies and providing the support infrastructure necessary to meet our extensive customer support model," said Mr. Rebus. "We feel their recognition as a Cisco Silver Certified channel partner demonstrates the importance that Internetworking Systems Group Inc. places on making experts available to work with us to resolve network problems and optimize' the network' as a strategic resource."

Silver Certified channel partners offer a full complement of pre-sales and post-sales support services, including standard installation, on-site hardware repair and upgrades, broad troubleshooting expertise, and Cisco product sales, configuration and upgrade support. In addition, the Silver channel partner provides five-day, eight-hour technical support and on-site service, with optional four-hour response time available to customers.

About Internetworking Systems Group Inc.

Internetworking Systems Group Inc. is a professional services firm that works with clients to define strategies and implement innovative ways to build their businesses through the combination of expertise in strategy, Internet technology and marketing communications. Internetworking Systems Group Inc. helps clients differentiate their products and services, strengthen customer relationships, leverage human capital, and improve business efficiency in the new electronic economy.

About Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco's networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system.

Every day, Cisco and its customers are proving networking and the Internet can fundamentally and profitably change through a "Global Networked Business" model. Cisco itself is a leading example of a Global Networked Business. By using networked applications, the Internet and its own internal network, Cisco is saving at least $500 million (US) per year in operating costs, while improving customer/partner satisfaction and gaining a competitive advantage in areas such as customer support, product ordering and delivery times. Cisco is today the world's largest Internet commerce site, selling more than $28 million (US) in products every day. In fiscal 1998 Cisco's annual revenues were $8.46 billion (US). As measured by market capitalization, Cisco is the third largest in the world.

Cisco Systems Canada Co. was established by Cisco Systems in 1990. Headquartered in Toronto, ON., the company has more than 300 employees in Canada with regional sales and services offices across the country.


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