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ILD Telecommunications Deploys Cisco New World Network To Deliver Value-added Voice and Billing Services

Cisco IP+ATM Solutions Will Deliver Voice over IP, Operator
Jun 07, 1999

Cisco IP+ATM Solutions Will Deliver Voice over IP, Operator and Billing Services Nationwide

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- June 7, 1999 -- ILD Telecommunications, Inc. announced today that it will deploy an end-to-end IP+ATM New World network from Cisco Systems to deliver value-added voice over IP, billing, debit card, and operator services. ILD is one of the largest value-added facilities-based telecommunication service providers to deploy Cisco's reliable, flexible billing and switching platform based on Cisco BPX. 8650, MGX 8220, and VCO./4K switches. Comprehensive, customized software from Simplified Telesys, a Cisco Voice Applications Partner, will provision the wide range of Web-enabled enhanced services.

"ILD is committed to developing a state-of-the-art network for its existing traffic as well as for traffic that will be added from new products and services," says Mike Lewis, chairman of the board for ILD. "We're focused on becoming one of the largest value-added telecommunications providers in the U.S., and our Cisco platform allows us to continue our expansion in the prepaid phone card and other core markets. The Cisco platform was selected for its carrier-class scalability and quality-of-service (QoS) features, as well as for its sophisticated billing capabilities, all critical as we double our revenue and expand our service offerings this year." The Cisco IP+ATM network enables ILD to offer retail and business customers one-stop shopping for voice, billing, and data services. ILD also provides outsourced one-plus, zero-plus, operator and billing services for other telecommunications carriers.

Robust Nationwide Network

ILD is deploying Cisco BPX 8650 series wide-area switches and Cisco MGX 8220 multiservice concentrators at eight network locations to form a robust, fault-tolerant IP+ATM backbone. The Cisco BPX 8650 switches incorporate Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to provide end-to-end QoS support for IP and ATM traffic. The Cisco BPX 8650 is the first ATM WAN switch in production with a carrier-class implementation of MPLS. This platform provides high scalability, enabling ILD to keep up with subscriber demand and to leverage emerging opportunities, such as demand for switched voice, without continuous infrastructure investment. Cisco 7513 and 7206 series routers are co-located with the Cisco BPX switches for aggregating IP traffic, which is then switched over the ATM backbone with the required QoS via MPLS.

ILD will also deploy six Cisco VCO/4K switches (24,000 ports) running Simplified Telesys' billing system in its customer service centers to provide integrated service billing. The Cisco VCO/4K switches integrate seamlessly into existing PSTN and New World packet-based networks to enable rapid deployment of value-added services, including unified voice, fax and e-mail communications, pre- and post-paid calling card, single number services, operator services, voice dialing, information services, conference calling, Web-initiated services, and directory assistance. Cisco AS5300 universal access servers will provide dialup capabilities and voice-over-IP (VoIP) services at 20 points of presence.

"Teaming up with a leading service provider like ILD is an excellent fit for Cisco's IP+ATM and value-added service platforms," says Kevin Kennedy, senior vice president of the Service Provider Line of Business at Cisco Systems. "ILD's high-quality voice over IP, operator service offerings, and national deployment combine well with our leadership in the service provider equipment market. With Cisco's value-added service and IP+ATM capabilities, ILD is well-positioned to deliver high-demand, New World services."

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