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Cisco Will Team with Various Companies to Demonstrate Optical Solutions in the Backbone

More information about the Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Router
Jun 08, 1999

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  • WHO: Cisco Systems, Inc. and CIENA, Pirelli, Monterey Networks, Corvis, and Optical Networks

  • WHAT: Cisco's Optical Internetworking Business Unit will showcase its 12000 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) together with a wide range of optical transport solutions at SuperComm '99. The demonstration will focus on Cisco's new Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) product that combines the bandwidth efficient and services rich capabilities of IP routing with the bandwidth rich, fast restoration capabilities of fiber rings to deliver fundamental cost and functionality advantages over existing solutions. A three-node DPT ring will be running between Cisco's booth (#7438) and CIENA's booth (#7739) demonstrating streaming video using IP over the optical ring.

    Cisco will also demonstrate the GSR 12000's ability to be directly connected to a wide range of third party optical transport products. GSR 12000s will be showcased in the Pirelli booth (#7213) to demonstrate interoperability with the TeraMux 128 channel DWDM system. GSR 12000s will also be demonstrated in Monterey Networks' booth (#7553) to show IP transport across a Wavelength Routed optical core network. In the Corvis booth (#8470), GSR 12000s will run IP traffic over an optical mesh network built around the company's multiterabit transparent optical switch. Finally, GSR 12000s will be located in Optical Networks' booth (#7773) to demonstrate interoperability with their metro-area Dynamic Transport System.

  • WHEN: June 8-10, 1999

  • WHERE: Cisco Systems Booth #7438
    CIENA Booth # 7739
    Pirelli Booth # 7213
    Monterey Networks Booth # 7553
    Corvis Booth # 8470
    Optical Networks Booth # 7773

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